Living In Harmony With Technology

posted on: Thursday, March 21, 2019

Technology has shaped the worldwe live in today. And in so many ways, for the better. But there's a price to pay for everything and the price it seems is that most of us have become slaves to it. Read on for some simples tips on living harmoniously with technology you can incorporate into your every day life with ease.

Double Edged Sword

EXYRA eyewear. How to live in harmony with technology.

Technology is such an amazing thing. It’s transformed our world in so many ways. It’s able to connect to the globe in an instant. Provide limbs for those without. Monitor anything and everything from the weather, to your steps, to your child sleeping in another room.

It’s also a double edged sword.

It can also bring bring the world to a halt with an internet crash. It can remove people’s limbs maliciously or by accident. And let’s not forget that while it can monitor your heart rate, it also monitors your browser history. Thus we are flooded with global disputes, people who have suffered accidents because of malfunctioning technology and ads in our instagram feeds that just won’t quit, no matter how many times you click “not relevant”.

It doesn’t have to be all bad though. Besides clearing your cache and installing some good ad-blocking software, there are some simple tips for living in healthy harmony with technology. Read on for my five tips on how to not let technology own you.

Living with technology. Tips on health and technology.

Cutting Down on Bad Habits

I know. What a thought. Is such a thing even possible?

I’m gonna be honest here. This isn’t the easiest one to implement, so I’ll start with the hardest.

Cutting down on technology is probably harder than quitting smoking cigarettes cold turkey.

It’s no secret that technology rules almost everyone’s lives. But it doesn’t have to.

We have a device for almost everything these days. Most of them which we take granted for.

And a lot of us have jobs which literally revolve around the internet. Which is great. But when you’re working with a screen all day, the best thing to do is limit the amount of time that you’re not working, on those screens.

Here’s a few things I’ve been implementing over the past few months to help me cut down:

– Keeping a schedule. This stops that endless scrolling which is a black hole for time. The satisfaction of checking everything (or most of it) off my to do list is enough to stop me from wasting time watching animal videos and being hypnotised by instagrams ever-changing feeds.

– Keeping electronic devices out of the bedroom. Or turning them off at a certain time. My phone is my alarm so I use the old trick of leaving it somewhere I can’t reach from my bed. And because I am lazy once I’m snuggled between the covers, this eradicates that problem.

– Assign certain tasks for certain devices. For example, I use my iMac for business, editing photos and videos and uni. I use my MacBook for uni (for days I want to lounge on the sofa) and for when I travel. I use an iPad for working out and for whenever I need to do something important in a pinch (and don’t want to start up my computer for it) and my phone for communications, social media and checking everyday things like bills, banking and online shopping orders. It seems excessive but it stops me from having heaps of different apps on each device which eliminates wasting time doing things on each one that I shouldn’t be. And I think most of us these days already own multiple devices.

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No technology at night.
How to use technology for health.
Health and technology. Using technology in harmony with health.

Use it to Your Advantage

One of my favourite things so do with technology, besides wasting time watching alpacas trying to eat apples, is to use apps for productivity and health.

There are so many great and useful apps out there but most of us aren’t utilising our devices to their full potential.

I love tracking my steps and I love using my iPad for yoga. My favourite one is Down Dog. I’ve been doing it for a year now and have saved a tonne of money from being able to do it in my own home. Not to mention the time saved from the would-be commute to a studio.

Another great app (if you’re female) is one that tracks your period. It’s such a simple concept but everyone I know who uses one say it’s changed their life.

I also use my phone for meditation. There are so many great apps out there for it and most of them are free. Some of them send your mindfulness notification throughout the day which like an extra reminder to be conscious about your technology consumption.

My favourite app though would have to be aNote which is basically a planner, diary, alarm and calendar all in one. I was trying to use physical planner for a few years but having notifications sent to you when things need to be done has been the biggest game changer for me and my organisation.

There are so many apps out there for the same things, that you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Just make sure you’re using it and not letting it use you!

Crystals and technology. Using crystals to absorb radiation from technology.

Electric Crystals

This one is kind of whack (if you’re not into the esoteric) but I have read some articles on the effectiveness of it so it can’t hurt to try it.

Place crystals around your electronics. I’ve always loved crystals. Simply because they’re pretty to look at. And when I was a child I would always go for the crystal and metaphysical books on library day at school. As I grew up though, I just saw crystals as pretty rocks. Until my dad was talking about his cousin who had a crystal radio when they were teenagers. He said it didn’t need batteries and would always just work. Then I thought of the quartz clocks we used to have in the classrooms (crystals literally are energy) and how I read an article (when I was about ten years old) on how placing crystals around electronics could absorb radiation and negative energy. And for the past 10 years or so, I’ve always had crystals placed around my computer to not only absorb whatever undesirables there might be hanging around there, but also to stop my computer from breaking down.

Like I said, crystals and their non-mineral properties aren’t a very well developed area in regard to science but if you have a quick google, the internet will provide thousands upon thousands of people’s experiences swearing by simply placing crystals around their computer.

And if you don’t believe in it, they’ll still make your desk look pretty.

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Night Vision

And what if you just can’t quit those electronics at night?

If you absolutely must be looking at a screen in the evening then I highly recommend you invest in a good pair of blue light filtering glasses.

I have been using this pair by EXYRA for the past few months and I am weirdly obsessed with them.

Blue light is responsible for so many different health issues such as back and neck pain, insomnia, increased blood sugar levels and decrease hunger hormone levels. And that’s not even all of it. If macular generation isn’t to encourage you to order a pair of blue light filtering glasses, then I don’t know what would be.

The shift in the body’s circadian rhythm is responsible for so many peoples’ sleepless nights and tired days.

After wearing the glasses just once, I fell asleep so quickly I didn’t even realise it. Which is a big deal to me because I take forever to fall asleep and am usually laying in bed waiting for the slumber to arrive.

After a few weeks, I was so well rested that I tried a couple of weeks without using the glasses at all and I can only attribute the amazing sleep to EXYRA.

I actually haven’t been wearing them for a couple of weeks again and my sleep is definitely not the quality it was with the glasses.

There are so many places to order these types of glasses now but I highly recommend EXYRA because their glasses and frame are mazing quality, they don’t feel cheap but they’re still light and they’re the only glasses I’ve ever worn that don’t give me a headache.

EXYRA eyewear review.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried blue light filtering glasses or any of these tips or if you have your own and share your thoughts below. As technology grows, so will our need for uses on living in harmony with it. We might as well make the most of it before AI takes over and we’re living in spaceships.*

*Which reminds me, who’s watched Black Mirror and Love, Death + Robots? If you’re gonna stare at a screen at night, it might as well be Netflix with your filtering glasses on, right?

Leaving The Comfort Zone

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A Chat With Carla Thomas

posted on: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

If you're looking for all things wellness and holistic living, then you've come to the right place. Today's post features a little chat with holistic living coach Carla Thomas, about her personal health journey, her favourite kitchen tools and on keeping a positive mind. And there's a recipe in there too!

Who Is Carla Thomas?

Carla Thomas is a Perth-based Holistic Health & Business Coach with a specialisation in mind-body medicine. As founder of The Juicy Movement, Carla’s mission is to inspire her clients and those who join the team to live their natural potential for wellness through wholefood nutrition, holistic practices of self-care and living within their values. Carla’s signature program, The Juicy Life Program, is a long-term health program covering all the holistic bases for a happier and healthier life. Carla’s group coaching Juicy Circles run once per month. She also offers business mentorship for empowered “Wellness Advocates” keen to spread the word of The Juicy Movement and build their best lives doing so.

For more information, contact Carla direct on

Or you can find Carla at:


Instagram @carlathomas_juicymovement

Facebook Carla Thomas The Juicy Movement

As a holistic health and business coach, what does wellness look like to you?

For me, wellness is living in a state that is a true reflection of your ultimate and highest potential for wellbeing. It means smiling for no reason, feeling content, at peace, full of love (for yourself and others) and just simply ‘be-ing’. 

As a Holistic Health Coach and specialist in mind-body medicine, my message is all about nourishing ourselves from the inside out and just how easy it is to get on top of your health through whole-foods and clean living. I teach this through my programs and my coaching of clients and team members within our wellness movement, The Juicy Movement. I also shared my ethos and inspiration in my book, The Juicy Movement: A Holistic Approach to Clean Living, which was published in 2017. 


The Juicy Movement is our team of Wellness Advocates all spreading the “juicy” word of our programs, products and business opportunity to inspire as many people as possible to live at their best. That’s why it’s a “movement”, because it’s a way of life. The way I see it, I can only touch so many people directly. But by teaching others the juicy life and how to share that with their community and tribe, our ripple effect just gets bigger and bigger. I started off my coaching career working predominantly with clients. Now I spend half my time, maybe even more, coaching likeminded wellness warriors (you don’t need to be in the health and wellness biz already – we have all the training and resources you need) to build their own businesses and design their own lives around helping others as part of The Juicy Movement.


There are two significant moments that stand out as game changers for me. The first happened at 22 years old when, after years of struggling with anxiety and depression and even the onset of rheumatoid arthritis and poor kidney function, a trainer at my gym (I believe this was the Universe stepping in!) introduced me to wholefoods and just how healing diet can actually be. It led to my first step towards better health, which was to start taking the wholefood supplements Juice Plus+ (still the same I recommend today) and also doing my own research into nutrition, gut health and mindfulness. From there, I enrolled in my studies in Holistic Health and eventually became certified as a Holistic Counsellor in Mind-Body Medicine. I was my number one client! LOL.

The second game-changer came a few years later while I was still on my journey to finding my “juicy” life. I had begun suffering from random allergic reactions and one of them resulted in a pretty scary episode of anaphylactic shock. It revealed I had developed an allergy to wheat – all at a time when I was feeling mentally and physically exhausted and my gut health was in disarray. This started my journey to understanding the crucial role our gut plays in our overall health and wellbeing.

Can you tell us a bit about your daily routine?

Sure ☺ During the warmer months I find I’m up with the sun between 5-6am. I’m a huge advocate for getting enough sleep and I aim for 7-8 hours a night to run at my best. An average week day morning starts with 500-600mls of water with freshly squeezed lemon and my Juice Plus+ (wholefood daily supplements). I aim to get moving for 20 minutes via some stretching/yoga in my living room whilst oil pulling. Other mornings I may head straight out for a walk with the dog. I then take some time for gratitude and priming before getting stuck into some replies while sipping on a cup of Fully Charged Coffee (it’s a milk-free, blended coffee with spices and coconut oil – the recipe is in my book and on my website). I like to get started when the world is generally still sleeping. It’s peaceful and there’s less chance of interruptions! If I haven’t gone for a walk then I head to the gym followed by a late morning brekky which is usually a smoothie or smoothie bowl. Then I’m raring to go for a day of meetings/calls/admin etc…my days are always so different!

How do you coach someone whose mental condition is impacting their physical condition and vice versa?

I’m a firm believer that the body wears the state of the mind and since everything starts with the mind, that’s where I like to start. I’m huge on giving clients the right resources or tools to be able to empower themselves. It’s so important to establish a deep seeded WHY and connection to where they are and where they want to be and the actions that will take them there. Of course, good nutrition and exercise plays a massive role in supporting the mind so we also work on ways to improve/enhance that area from the get-go.

You worked with Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar). Are there any major lessons and/or insights you gained from that experience?

I absolutely LOVED my time working as an expert panellist for the online I Quit Sugar Program and it was in fact my own experience with quitting sugar that led me there. I did the 8-week program back in 2013 just out of curiosity. I didn’t think I had a sugar addiction but during the program, I realised how much I craved ‘natural’ sugars – which inevitably is still craving sugar be it a candy bar or big bowl of fruit with dried fruit and honey. The IQS philosophy really teaches you how to read food labels, find hidden sugars, find out which ones are ok and which ones to avoid and mostly shows that eating sugar-free is actually damn simple and damn tasty! I’ve loved being able to pass down this knowledge to my clients and see the changes in them.

Above: Carla’s Fully Charged Coffee recipe is in both her book the Juicy Movement and on her website.

We all know that we should live as holistically as possible. In a perfect world that would be 100% of the time but we’re only human. How do you get back on track from a slip up in your health and wellness goals?

The verbiage we choose when it comes to our health is everything! I am not a fan of ‘cheat days’ or labelling something as being ‘naughty’ or ‘right or wrong’. Part of being a human and enjoying life is having your cake and eating it too. Sometimes you’ll have enjoyed a healthier way and other times you just want the full sugar-loaded indulgent slice. It’s ok. Just don’t do it every day. Sage Robbins (Tony Robbins wife) uses the analogy of ‘zigging and zagging’ which I really love. Most of the time you are zigging but sometimes you zag, be it special occasions, a shitty day or just because. Don’t dwell on it as you can always zig back into line again.

You mention that your wellness journey started with health problems and a chat with a trainer at your gym. Do you think you still would have found holistic living if not for these two moments?

Ooh, good question! Yes, I do because I’m huge believer the Universe sets us on the path we are meant to take and if you are blind to its signals at first it will keep flashing them until you get it! My health problems were actually my greatest gift and as you read earlier regarding my allergy developing a few years later, that once again was the Universe intervening when I was failing to listen to its signals. 

I love how simple your Juicy Movement book has made understanding holistic living! Was it difficult transmitting your philosophies and principles on wellness into a book?

Thank you! I love the fact you said ‘simple’ because that’s exactly what I set out to do. Make health simple! To be honest I actually found the whole writing element quite natural and easy, much to my own surprise! I think because I really just wrote from the heart and my own authentic practices and teachings that everything spilled out quite naturally. That’s not to say it didn’t take work and commitment – and a great team and editor/project manager Kami Ramini from Kami Ramini Media (@kamiramini) to help bring it to life! But it really is just a reflection of what I live and breathe and believe. 

Food is such a big part of our wellbeing. What are your favourite kitchen tools and gadgets?

Hands down my Ladyship blender. I make a smoothie most days so this machine is just life for me! And also my kettle and coffee machine. I’m old-school in the kitchen so I love the idea of cooking everything in pots and pans and chopping things manually. For me that’s where the joy in cooking comes from.  

What are beauty products or practices that you swear by?

I’m all about keeping it simple and focusing more on lifestyle factors vs expensive beauty ‘fix it’ products. I dry brush once a day using my Pure Home Body ‘Eco Max Jute Face Brush’ (works fine on the body!) before my evening shower to encourage circularion and lymphatic movement. And I use a loofer or my Enjo Body Glove with body wash in the shower. I use a basic shop-bought face cleanser, moisturiser, eyecream and rosehip oil (which I mix into the moisturiser) that’s free from all the main destructive toxins. I’m HUGE on keeping my skin from going dry, so always moisturise with a body lotion post shower and mix in coconut oil – I’m obsessed with coconut oil for the body, face, lips etc. I like to make my own toner, exfoliants and face masks which I share in my ebook ‘Beauty-ful inside and out’, available to my clients as part of The Juicy Life Program and group coaching, The Juicy Circle. Oh and I’m a fan of brushing my teeth with charcoal twice a week using Moon Dust Coconut Charcoal. Ultimately, adequate hydrating, exercise and sweat, nutrient-loading and sleep is what gives you the best chance to glow. 

So many people are worried about juicing because of the natural sugar content that comes with it but you’re a huge advocate for juicing, hence the Juicy Movement! Can you clear this up for us?

Haha! So many people think ‘The Juicy Movement’ is about juicing but it’s actually not. The name comes from word-play on the Juice Plus+ company I’m affiliated with and also the “juicy” zest for life we get through nutrient-loading and holistic practices of self-care. There is the same confusion often with “Juice Plus+” but again, despite the name, these aren’t juices but actually wholefood capsules and macro powders containing 100% real food from fruits, veggies and other plants, minus the sugars and salt.

That said, yes, I am also an advocate of juice cleanses, as long as they’re done right. I do a cleanse myself about once a month and have actually written an eBook, The 101 on Juice Cleansing, with a Juicy Movement team member, Liam O’Neil of Refresh Juice + Cleanse to help answer some of the questions and confusion around juicing. It also has a discount code to order through Refresh ☺ 

Like anything that can start out as good for us, juicing can be done oh so horribly wrong too! Yes there can be a higher sugar content in these but being a fan of one day juice cleanses each month, I can tell you that it’s a great thing to be able to give your digestive system a break without starving your cells of nutrition. This is why I recommend either owning a really great cold-press juicer and following quality juicing recipes and programs, or ordering through a reputable brand. This way you can ensure the juices are balanced. A good baseline is that they should contain way more veg vs fruit.

Do you believe in wellness trends? What do you see as a big one for 2019?

There are always going to be new things trending which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it leads people to taking a closer look at their health and incorporating better health habits. In saying that, not all wellness trends are what I would classify as beneficial, realistic or common sense. I believe more in long-term lifestyle philosophy vs a trend of the moment. A trend or fad I keep seeing at the moment is the whole celery juice detox. It goes over my head! LOL. Not for me.

I don’t know if this is more of a movement vs a trend but definitely the whole ‘self-love’ thing is really taking charge and I feel like this is going to be a huge topic and point of focus for many women (and men) this year – including myself. And that’s a GREAT thing! 

Any tips for thinking positively in a negative situation?

There are two books I highly recommend everyone reads which pretty much covers off on your question by using the power of presence and consciousness. The first being The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and the second being A Mind At Home With Itself by Byron Katie. 

Life changing reads!

I think letting go of the all or nothing approach is crucial.

Carla Thomas

Making wellness a priority. How can anyone implement wellness into their everyday life?

I think letting go of the ‘all or nothing’ approach is crucial. Wellness looks slightly different for all of us but however you like to practice it, be sure that it sits right with you and that the practices are something enjoyable that you look forward to vs grinning and bearing it. Start with one new habit at a time until it just becomes a way of life and you don’t really have to think about it. Then add something else and just keep building on it. It might be drinking more water, active meditation, more veggies on the plate, riding your bike to the shops instead of driving. It all counts!

And finally, what is your favourite meal for those days when you feel like you’ve taken a step back or just need a break?

Ohhh this is hard. I’m such a lover of all foods and I suppose never really view any meal I have as stepping back. I do love a good oven-baked pizza and I am a sucker for some good fries with aioli or sweet potato wedges with sour cream at the pub or during a night out! 

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Imposter – Rubin Extensions

posted on: Monday, January 28, 2019

Wearing: unlabelled romper, ASOS trainers

70s style outfit. Blue red romper playsuit.
Clip in fringe review. Rubin Extensions.

Who DO You Think You Are?

When somebody asks who you are, you probably respond with your name. Or if you’re extra sassy, you might answer with something like “super cool” or “president of the awesome club for awesome people only”.

And you’re not wrong. You are most definitely are super awesome. I don’t doubt it in the slightest.

But that’s not really the question we’re asking here.

When I was younger I always used to flick through the pages of Dolly and Girlfriend magazine, wishing I was Britney Spears or Brandy.  But then I’d tell myself things. You’re not good enough. You’re too fat. You’re too asian. You’re not pretty enough. No one actually likes you.

And if you tell yourself these things. That’s probably what you are.

If you tell yourself you’re ugly, people will find you ugly. If you tell yourself you’re lonely, that’s what you are. If you tell yourself you’re lazy, you’re probably lazy.

And them I’d ask myself, who do I think I am to achieve such great goals in life?

See what we’re getting at here? The question really should have been; who are you when you’re by yourself?

Vertical striped playsuit.
Half Thai fashion blogger.
Perth fashion blogger. Faux fringe.
Summer Australian fashion editorial.

Speak Yourself Into Existence

Be very aware of the stories you tell yourself.

The mind works in mysterious ways. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. We all have a mind, but we know almost nothing about it.

One of psychology’s oldest ideas is that we have a subconscious mind which is the real driving force behind how we live our lives.

And while we can’t voluntarily control this part of our own minds (as frustrating as it sounds) you can most definitely “trick” it into believing otherwise.

I saw this video few years about ADHD and I thought to myself, if I have ADHD then that would explain most of my childhood life. It would explain how I passed all of my violin exams with Honors without being able to read music until years later. It would explain why I would find watching the sprinklers through the classroom window so much more interesting than an end of year movie. It would explain why someone could tell me their name 10 time with it still not registering in my brain. So I went to the doctors and it was as if I had manifested myself a mental disorder. I was diagnosed with ADHD. After that, my life became even more chaotic than an episode of Question Time.

I told myself that because this is what I have, this is who I am. I would blame running late on it, forgetting where I was mid sentence, half-asses assignments and the ever growing pile of sticky notes on it because I believed that was who I was.

It didn’t take me long to get tired of feeling bad for making people wait forty minutes for me, or for having a desk that looked like a dumping ground for plague victims. And I was really tired of being embarrassed for asking people to repeat themselves so many time simply because I couldn’t concentrate for a mere five seconds.

Long sleeve striped romper.

I searched the web for ways to manage different symptoms and stumbled across affirmations (I mean, that’s how easily distracted I was). It didn’t seem like anything concrete to me but it was free and seemed easy enough to do so I decided to implement them into my life as often as I could. Instead of telling myself I was inherently late, I would tell myself I am always on time. Even if I didn’t think it was true it, I told myself these sentences so many times that I ended up believing them. All it took was a few simple sentences like “I love studying” and “I am organised” and “I can cook a damn good vegan lasagne” for things to start changing rapidly.

It didn’t happen overnight and it was a slow start (for me to even remember to say affirmations was a struggle) but once I got into the habit of things, it snowballed. My grades shot up (most of them anyway, I mean, no-one really enjoys Trusts), I stopped being so late (still give me a good ten extra minutes) and my friends can confirm that my lasagne is out of this world.

It really made me wonder, how much power do we have over our lives if simple words can transform the way we live out or lives?

70s aesthetic outfit,
70s inspired outfit. Striped romper.
Vegan fashion blogger. Perth fashion blogger.
70s style aesthetic outfit. Vertical stripe romper.
Navy blue and red romper. Perth fashion outfit.
70s aesthetic.
Desert fashion editorial.
Clip in bangs. Faux fringe. Rubin Extensions review.

You Are Who You Say You Are

I pay very close attention to the stories I tell myself now, I still slip up every now and then. It’s not easy to break out of destructive habits.

But instead of telling myself I’m too ugly to be Stevie Nicks, I just clip in some faux bangs (these ones are from Rubin Extensions and are super easy to cut and put in), blast Dreams in the car while my partner is driving, tell myself I could totally be the lead signer of  Fleetwood Mac and call it a day. I think my ten year old self would be pretty happy with that.

Let me know below, are you guilty of telling yourself things that don’t help you reach your goals?

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Summer style outfit. Striped long sleeve romper.
Striped romper outfit. Long sleeve playsuit.

"To know who you are and what you are, you must first find who and what you are not."

— Plotinus
Summer in Australia. Fashion outfit editorial.
Rubin Extensions review. Perth fashion blogger.
Clip in bangs review.
Beige aesthetic. Limestone blocks.
Perth lifestyle blogger. 70s style outfit.