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Some Changes Are Coming

posted on: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Under Maintenance

Shannon Valle is undergoing some boring maintenance and big changes.

Please check back after 10.11.19

In the meantime, check out her YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Thank you and see you on the other side.

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Why You Need To Add Magnesium Oil To Your Night Routine

posted on: Thursday, April 18, 2019

The one mineral with over a thousand benefits. Read on to learn about why you need magnesium oil and how to use it.

Amazing Oils magnesium oil Australia.
Facts about magnesium.

Amazing Magnesium

Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea what magnesium was (besides a mineral) and didn’t think I had any use for an element my high school science teacher gave no heed to when learning about the periodic table.

Boy was I wrong. This little powerhouse deposit has a role in over 1200 bodily functions and I can honestly say from experience has made such a difference from even just one use.

I’ve had shoulder pains ever since my last job which was over six years ago now. I tried physiotherapy, those super expensive massage places in the mall that charge something like a million dollars a second, acupuncture and yoga. I’ve was very close to keyhole surgery but a package of magnesium products from Amazing Oils showed up in the mail just in time for me to reconsider it. After an extra long day at the desk, I remembered the magnesium spray sitting on the coffee table and decided to try it out on just my shoulder.

The pain went away in 30 seconds.

This isn’t an exaggeration. I couldn’t believe it. So I tested it out on both my dad and mum who couldn’t believe it either. And just to be sure it wasn’t a placebo effect, I tried it out on my parter too. Without him knowing. I just hope he doesn’t secretly read this blog.

But there are a range of different ways to use it so I had a little chat to Shalm Harold, brand manager of Amazing Oils, to find out what’s so special about magnesium and how we can get the most out of it.

Read on to find out what role magnesium plays in our bodies and how you can maximise its benefits.

Magnesium flakes Australia.

Most people don’t seem to know much about the extensive benefits of magnesium or how important it is for our health. Can you tell us what sparked your interest in the mineral?

 Before Amazing Oils we were a family of Yoga Teachers. We knew about the benefits of magnesium and had been taking the powder form daily. It wasn’t until my grandfather was diagnosed with a serious illness that we discovered our first magnesium oil.

Your magnesium is all sourced from Australia which is amazing. Are there any other specific reasons besides “keeping it local” that you decided to use Australian magnesium?

Australian magnesium is sourced from salt lakes – which are in the middle of the desert. There’s no pollution, no run-off and the entire area is a protected environmental area. The resulting magnesium is a lot finer than other magnesium oils, its less sticky and stings less (for those that are deficient) than the magnesium we tested from Europe and Asia. That and of course it’s completely natural, underneath the salt lakes is a magnesium liquid brine that goes into the Natural Relief bottles. A lot of companies are importing flakes and mixing them with water to try and recreate this natural product, though the gritty result is usually easy to spot.

Can you tell us a bit about magnesium and its functions and benefits within the body?

This is probably one of the hardest questions given that magnesium is used in over 1000 bodily functions. I think that its easiest to understand magnesium’s function as the opposite of calcium. While calcium is used for contraction in the body, magnesium is responsible for the elasticising and releasing of that contraction. So each heartbeat uses calcium to contract and magnesium to open, every muscle extension uses calcium and magnesium, and so on. When the body is low on magnesium, it gives signals such as muscle contractions that don’t release (cramps). Using a magnesium supplement certainly combats these deficiency symptoms but it’s also the unseen things that magnesium is really useful for.

Roll on magnesium oil. Insomnia remedy.
Australian magnesium flakes. How to use magnesium.
Magnesium oil benefits and facts.

What are some little known facts about the mineral that people might not know?

One of magnesium’s primary functions is for heart health and cognitive functions.

What’s your favourite way to use magnesium?

Tops of the feet at night to help my sleep, simply the best!

How has magnesium and more specifically, the business, changed the lives of yourself and family members?

Working with family can simultaneously be the most difficult and most rewarding experience. We are each well aware of how fortunate we are that our work contributes so much to the easing of so many people’s suffering.

Benefits of magnesium.
How to use magnesium.
Natural remedy for sore muscles and bones.

Magnesium is actually not an oil but magnesium chloride mixed with water. Despite being easy to come by in a complete whole foods diet, a lot of us are magnesium deficient which can lead to cramps, migraines, fatigue, brain fog, mental illnesses amongst other problems.

Here’s a few quick benefits you can reap from this amazing mineral to help aquatint you with the earth’s eighth most abundant element.

– It can help prevent diabetes, osteoporosis and control blood pressure.

– It’s amazing at relieving body pains and headaches. Definitely get your partner to massage some into your back for almost instant relief after a hard day’s work!

– You can use it to reduce inflammations such as arthritis.

– Used topically, it can help keep your skin clear from acne. Make sure you’re using a product specifically designed for the face though.

– If you can’t sleep, rub some magnesium into the lower half of your body, the tops of your feet or legs. Trust me on this one!

– Because it helps improve insulin resistance and can lower stress levels, it can aid in weight-loss.

If your interest about this multitasking miracle mineral is piqued, and you’re looking into getting some to experience the benefits for yourself, I recommend Amazing Oils as they have the purest magnesium products and are very high quality. As always, read the label and consult a physician. 

Amazing Oils Australia - magnesium oil benefits.
Magnesium roller. Natural remedy for sore muscles. Natural headache remedy.
Australian magnesium roll on.
Magnesium bath flakes.
Amazing Oils Australia - magnesium oil benefits.

Making The Most Of Your Time – Jord Watches Giveaway

posted on: Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Everyone seems to be complaining of not having enough time. Myself included. But I’ve put together my top five tips to making the most of your time so you can reclaim some of your productivity (and sanity) back.

Making the most of your time. Jord watches giveaway.


Breaking Bad Habits For Good

posted on: Monday, February 25, 2019

Need help ridding your life of some of those bad habits you have hiding in the closet? I’ve got you covered with 4 simple tips for breaking bad habits. For good.

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Imposter – Rubin Extensions

posted on: Monday, January 28, 2019

Wearing: unlabelled romper, ASOS trainers

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Clip in fringe review. Rubin Extensions.

Who DO You Think You Are?

When somebody asks who you are, you probably respond with your name. Or if you’re extra sassy, you might answer with something like “super cool” or “president of the awesome club for awesome people only”.

And you’re not wrong. You are most definitely are super awesome. I don’t doubt it in the slightest.

But that’s not really the question we’re asking here.

When I was younger I always used to flick through the pages of Dolly and Girlfriend magazine, wishing I was Britney Spears or Brandy.  But then I’d tell myself things. You’re not good enough. You’re too fat. You’re too asian. You’re not pretty enough. No one actually likes you.

And if you tell yourself these things. That’s probably what you are.

If you tell yourself you’re ugly, people will find you ugly. If you tell yourself you’re lonely, that’s what you are. If you tell yourself you’re lazy, you’re probably lazy.

And them I’d ask myself, who do I think I am to achieve such great goals in life?

See what we’re getting at here? The question really should have been; who are you when you’re by yourself?

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Speak Yourself Into Existence

Be very aware of the stories you tell yourself.

The mind works in mysterious ways. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. We all have a mind, but we know almost nothing about it.

One of psychology’s oldest ideas is that we have a subconscious mind which is the real driving force behind how we live our lives.

And while we can’t voluntarily control this part of our own minds (as frustrating as it sounds) you can most definitely “trick” it into believing otherwise.

I saw this video few years about ADHD and I thought to myself, if I have ADHD then that would explain most of my childhood life. It would explain how I passed all of my violin exams with Honors without being able to read music until years later. It would explain why I would find watching the sprinklers through the classroom window so much more interesting than an end of year movie. It would explain why someone could tell me their name 10 time with it still not registering in my brain. So I went to the doctors and it was as if I had manifested myself a mental disorder. I was diagnosed with ADHD. After that, my life became even more chaotic than an episode of Question Time.

I told myself that because this is what I have, this is who I am. I would blame running late on it, forgetting where I was mid sentence, half-asses assignments and the ever growing pile of sticky notes on it because I believed that was who I was.

It didn’t take me long to get tired of feeling bad for making people wait forty minutes for me, or for having a desk that looked like a dumping ground for plague victims. And I was really tired of being embarrassed for asking people to repeat themselves so many time simply because I couldn’t concentrate for a mere five seconds.

Long sleeve striped romper.

I searched the web for ways to manage different symptoms and stumbled across affirmations (I mean, that’s how easily distracted I was). It didn’t seem like anything concrete to me but it was free and seemed easy enough to do so I decided to implement them into my life as often as I could. Instead of telling myself I was inherently late, I would tell myself I am always on time. Even if I didn’t think it was true it, I told myself these sentences so many times that I ended up believing them. All it took was a few simple sentences like “I love studying” and “I am organised” and “I can cook a damn good vegan lasagne” for things to start changing rapidly.

It didn’t happen overnight and it was a slow start (for me to even remember to say affirmations was a struggle) but once I got into the habit of things, it snowballed. My grades shot up (most of them anyway, I mean, no-one really enjoys Trusts), I stopped being so late (still give me a good ten extra minutes) and my friends can confirm that my lasagne is out of this world.

It really made me wonder, how much power do we have over our lives if simple words can transform the way we live out or lives?

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70s style aesthetic outfit. Vertical stripe romper.
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You Are Who You Say You Are

I pay very close attention to the stories I tell myself now, I still slip up every now and then. It’s not easy to break out of destructive habits.

But instead of telling myself I’m too ugly to be Stevie Nicks, I just clip in some faux bangs (these ones are from Rubin Extensions and are super easy to cut and put in), blast Dreams in the car while my partner is driving, tell myself I could totally be the lead signer of  Fleetwood Mac and call it a day. I think my ten year old self would be pretty happy with that.

Let me know below, are you guilty of telling yourself things that don’t help you reach your goals?

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Striped romper outfit. Long sleeve playsuit.

"To know who you are and what you are, you must first find who and what you are not."

— Plotinus
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