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posted on: Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I’m still here.

Red floral maxi wrap dress.

Wearing: eShakti dress,* ASOS trainers*

Custom wrap dress at e-shakti.

I think it’s universal opinion that after you reach your mid late twenties that the illusion of time begins to run even faster.

A minute as a child can feel like an eternity. As an adult (only in the numbers sense) hours, days, months and even the years begin to blur together. Things I did a decade ago feel like the a few months ago and at the same time, they feel a universe away.

I didn’t really notice this until a few years ago. I suddenly realised what the oldies meant when they speak of time flying by. And as my dad’s friend used to say, “time flies, money flies and blow flies”. I didn’t get it as an eight year old terror, but I understand it now. I remember sitting in school assemblies at the end of the year in disbelief that a year had actually and finally come to pass. And here we are again, past mid way through the year.

Since it’s become more prevalent in my mind, it’s made me ask myself, am I spending the time I’ve been given, wisely?

If I’m being honest here, most probably not and I think the same can be said about a lot of others. We all have good intentions but time slips away like sand through our fingers and before you know it, that thing on your to-do list that has a +3 icon becomes one with +30 and you’re left wondering what the hell did you spend your time on.

Vegan fashion blogger.
French style wrap dress. Fashion blogger outfit.
Red floral wrap dress. Custom made to order dress.
Half Thai blogger. Fashion blogger in Perth.

As a result of this tiny seed that was planted in my mind, it eventually lead me to biting off more than I could (can, still) chew.

I can’t even remember the last time I even logged into my blog’s dashboard but it certainly wasn’t to post. It was probably just to check if Russian hackers had finally made their way past my ridiculous password and three step authentication firewall I had set up. They hadn’t.

In my final few units of university, I have been wondering if I really have the time to run a blog. Is it a wise choice of timely use?

In the months between now and the last post, I set up another instagram account (it’s still going), started posting regularly(ish) on my YouTube channel, studied my absolute brains out with a couple of the most brutal units I’ve encountered, and spent a month in Italy visiting family and eating my weight in pesto. It’s on a whole other level over there.

I renewed my domain services mainly in attachment to the fact I created this little space out of nothing but I’ve been trying to decide if I really wanted to carry on with it.

Blogging is very time consuming. It’s not as popular opinion would have it, as simple as snapping some photos and typing a few words to send out to the infinite webs every day. It can be but you’ll have to be pretty damn mesmerising with words for anyone to come visit you.

Red wrap dress with ruffles.
Australian fashion blogger. Half Thai fashion blogger.
Mandurah fashion blogger.
Fashion blogger wearing red maxi dress.
Red dress summer outfit.
Editorial fashion blogger.
Red maxi dress. Red wrap dress.

However, after a few glasses of shiraz cab and an impending sense of I’ve finally taken on too many things, I decided I will (try to) go back to posting regularly.

Sometimes a five month break is what you need to realise what you love.

And I’ve missed writing up ramblings completely irrelevant to the photos, reading your comments and weirdly, coding up blog posts.

But, while I’ve decided to stay, I want this to be a useful part of the web. I mean, if I’m gonna bite off more than I can chew, I might as well make it worthwhile right?

Please let me know what topics you’d like to read about, what you need help with and will try my best to write up some relevant ramblings about them. But I’m not a mind reader so you’ve gotta help me out a bit here.

In the meantime though, prepare for some guides on Italy and a ton of photos of pasta and mountains.

Gotta start somewhere right?

Sand dune patterns.
Red wrap dress with ruffle detail.

P.S. Sorry for the poorly structured brain dump.

It takes a while to get back into the flow of things. Well, for me anyway.

review on e-shakti dresses.
Red maxi dress outfit.