May 2019 Beauty Favourites

posted on: Friday, May 24, 2019

A roundup of some of my May 2019 beauty favourites. All tested rigorously by yours truly, so you don’t have to.

Supple Co hemp oil dew drops oil review.

Anan Luisa New York tassel earrings. Australian pink clay mask.


Hello my loves.


It feels like lately I’ve been starting these far and few posts off with an ode to how fast the time passes. A familiar “it’s been a while” and some type of self deprecating excuse to pardon my inconsistency which seems to be overflowing into other areas of my life recently.


But I won’t do that here. Or did I already do it?


Instead, I’m just going get straight into it. Some of my  favourite beauty products I have been absolutely loving over the past few months. Some I’ve been using for years.


All tried and tested.


All vegan and cruelty free.


And more importantly, all effective.



Read on to find out what my May 2019 beauty favourites are.


But seriously, how fast have the days been moving?

Supple Co Dew Drops. Aveda radiance oil.
Best facial oils for acne prone skin.

Ahhh, oils.


I prefer my oils to cover my food. Not my face.


I guess facial oils have always been around but when every beauty brand under the sun launched their own alongside bold statements like “get rid of your acne forever”, “removes scarring in one hour”, and “fix all of your life’s problems with this one simple product”, I decided I needed to spend an exorbitant amount of money of almost every type of oil I could get my hands on.


I was definitely in denial about oils for a while. For someone with super oil skin (super understatement), I was so intent on making oils work for my face.


They wouldn’t.


It only took me about four years to realise that I couldn’t slather my face in them. I could however use them as a spot treatment for problem areas like scarring and dry skin.


My absolute favourite though, would hands down be this Aveda oleation oil. This I can slather my face in without fear of a face consuming breakout the next morning.


The other one I’ve been using the most is probably the Dew Drops from Supple Skin Co. I definitely can’t use this all over but it does give me a nice glow when I use it on those areas on my face which I know can take a beating. Or rather, any product.


Ayla pink clay mask.
Anan Luisa New York tassel earrings. Australian pink clay mask.
Pink clay beauty products.


The beauty world has been going crazy for pink clay lately.


First we should find out what exactly pink clay is and why it’s supposedly good for our skin.


According to the most reliable source on the internet (hehe), Wiki tells us that pink clay is essentially Kaolinite with the chemical composition of  Al2Si2O5(OH)4. Whatever that means. basically it’s a mixture of red and white clay which makes it the most milder of all the clays. I think.


This means it’s basically suitable for any skin type. Even us sensitive folk.


Claims of pink clay include, detoxifying effects, reduced pores, even skin tone and exfoliation of dead skin cells, brightening, oil control and a few other things.


I was initially drawn to the pink clay for the aesthetically pleasing powder soft hue. But then I stayed for its effects.


I’ve never found a more hyped product that follows through as much as pink clay does. These are my two favourites. The Natural Instinct pink clay cleanser (that’s right, you can wash your face with clay) and the Ayla Skin pink clay mask. Both made with Australian pink clay. Call me biased but I think it’s the best out there.


You can literally see result IMMEDIATELY AFTER ONE USE. Not an exaggeration. I mean, if you don’t believe me, you can pretty much go to any website after typing in “pink clay” and read the many testimonials of its benefits.


I’m pretty sure you could use any (legitimate) source of pink clay and see it’s effect. That’s how confident I am in this stuff. But if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, check out the selection below.


Best beauty serums. Vegan and cruelty free serums.

In this photo:


Natural Instinct plump and renew serum, The Body Shop drops of youth concentrate, Ocinium Luminosity vitamin C serum, Antipodes skin plumping serum

Best vegan beauty products.


Serums are great.




Because flashy centrefold ads and clever marketing tells us they are.


And if serums are concentrated forms of stuff we are already using on our faces then they must be. Right?


I would never tell my dermatologist I use serums. He already gave me a lecture on exfoliants.


I still use them though.


Do I see any substantial results from their use?




Serums are my favourite beauty products and I don’t care what my derm says.  I will never give them up.


These ones here are my absolute favourites. I use all of them, expect for the drops of youth one, every single day.


The results? The Natural Instinct serum has 100% been improving my skin tone and nasolabial lines. I”m pretty sure it’s the Kakadu plum doing that. The drops of youth is good for general hydration. I’m not sure that’s what it’s for but I’ve noticed less fine lines and dry skin since using it. The Antipodes is restoring the bounce back into my face (can you tell I like plumping serums yet?) and making look a little less tired. And the Vitamin C is amazing for getting that effortless glow which seems unattainable for anyone who isn’t a model.


I’ve trialled these all by themselves to make sure the results are right and can conclude these are all worth looking into if your skin is missing that little something something.

Vegan cruelty free sunscreen.


We all know how important sun protection is.


And as much as I love lounging around in the sun, I always make sure my skin is protected. Living in Australia, I’ve seen enough leathery, crocodile skinned people to last me a lifetime and convince me that no amount of unprotected sun exposure is worth those wrinkles and skin cancer.


It’s not easy to find a decent facial sunblock though. Especially if you’re someone who is prone to breakouts.Lots of them are comedogenic and block your pores just by looking at the packaging.


Well, maybe not to that extent. But I am eternally grateful for the Sheer Defence by Invisible Zinc. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The sheerest form of sunscreen with high protection barrier.


Don’t forget to lather up lads.

Grape stem cell beauty facial mist.
Vegan facial mists.


I have been through a ridiculous amount of facial mists and sprays in the duration of my blogger life and I think I’ve nailed it down to just two essentials.


First up: the Enbacci grape stem cell rejuvenating essence. This might sound crazy but… did you know that grape stem cells are able to regenerate human epidermal cells?! WHAT?(*^%$!! That’s right. There are also more than 8000 varieties of grapes. So if that doesn’t say you need a grape stem cell beauty product in your life then I don’t know what does. And I don’t think drinking wine all day counts as a beauty product. They’re also packed with vitamin C so even eating them is a great way to get a sneaky glow. But I’ve been loving misting my face with the Enbacci essence and patting it in to, you know, regenerate my face and also protect against pollution while toning.


My next favourite is definitely the Natural Instinct radiance mist. It’s very brightening and I think it’s been helping to even out my skin tone which is always a welcome side effect.




So tell me, what have been your beauty favs this month, or even for this year so far. Let me know if you’ve ever tried pink clay or grape stem cells and what interesting and crazy sounding beauty ingredients you’ve come across recently. You can never have enough exotic sounding ingredient in your beauty arsenal.