Breaking Bad Habits For Good

posted on: Monday, February 25, 2019

Need help ridding your life of some of those bad habits you have hiding in the closet? I’ve got you covered with 4 simple tips for breaking bad habits. For good.

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Breaking Bad (Habits)

Be honest. How many bad habits do you have?  Just one? Even two? Maybe ten.


Or maybe you’re like me two years ago and can’t even be bothered to count them all. Some might argue that in itself is a bad habit, but let’s not get into technicalities here.


If someone had asked me this question a couple of years ago, I probably would have done some sort of changing the topic jig, mumbled something about not having any bad habits while simultaneously defending bad habits, and slowly backing out of there to go run off and dig my head into the sand.


Why? Because I knew my habits were detrimental to just about every aspect of my life I wanted to succeed in (except the ghetto olympics drinking competitions) but at the same time, they were just so damn hard to give up.


I knew that if I wanted to change my life, I’d have to change myself first. Cliche, maybe. Imperative, absolutely.


It wasn’t until I realised that all of my downfalls stemmed from bad habits I had formed that I really decided to make a change.


I wanted to wake up early on weekends. But I had a habit of getting wrecked on Friday and Saturday nights with friends.


I wanted to lose weight but I had a habit of snacking on junk food all throughout the day.


I wanted to be more productive but I had a habit of watching YouTube videos all day.


I wanted to get better grades but I had the worst habit of procrastinating. This was probably my worst one. Sometimes I would do the most bizarre things just to get out of studying.


Sound familiar? I’m sure we can all related to this at some points in our lives. But just how do you get rid of those detrimental behavioural routines?

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Get Clear On What You Want to Achieve

If you don’t really know what exactly you want to achieve, then how are you going to achieve it?


This was me for about 95% of my life. I had a vague idea of what I wanted but that was about it.


I knew I wanted to get fit but I didn’t know how fit I wanted to be or in what way.

I knew I wanted good grades but I didn’t really have a definition for “good”.

I knew I wanted to lose weight but I didn’t know how much I wanted to lose.


I would study for a few minutes then go off and do something else for hours. My grades didn’t change.


I would workout sporadically, doing different random programs then go and have takeaway for dinner. My weight didn’t drop off me. If anything, I put on weight.


Then I had a lightbulb moment. I really had no idea what I wanted to achieve in the first place. I could have just as easily cut off my arm to lose weight or hired a doppelgänger to sit my exams for me.


See how these vague goals actually turn out to be more confusing than the actually achieve the goals themselves?


I finally realised that I needed to get clear on my goals if I wanted to kick my bad habits.


You don’t need to go out and but a planner. You don’t need to schedule your days right down to your bathroom activities. But you do need to know what you want to achieve and how you’re going to nip this bad habits that are stopping you, in the bud.


All you have to do to start is write down the bad habit habit and put it somewhere you will see it regularly or whenever you might fall back into your old ways.

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Why are You Doing it in the First Place?

This is really important. If you want to stop a habit, you need to work out why you’re doing it in the first place.


Most often then not, it will be a reason that you can work around. For example, I would do half assed, random workouts because I hated doing the workout programs I had bought, with a passion. Needless to say, I probably would rather have gotten fat from sitting on my ass and eating crap then doing those workouts. Likewise, I would eat junk food all day because I was procrastinating and preparing and eating would cut into any time I was supposed to be doing something else.


But sometimes there will be habits whose reasons are a little more difficult to work around. Like the fact that my procrastination was a result of me being bored to tears during studying. I knew I was procrastinating because some of the topics I had to study were just so damn boring to me, but it wasn’t as though I could just replace it with another topic, otherwise I wouldn’t get the degree I want. But you can still break the habits behind these reasons. More on that down the page.


If you can identify what’s causing a bad habit then you’re a huge step closer to remedying it. Maybe at this point, you can even eliminate the cause or situations that give rise to the bad habit. If you know you tend to get drunk when you’re with co-workers after work, set a reminder to leave early. If you bad habit crops up when you have junk food lying around at home, get rid of the junk.


But if your situation isn’t that easy, read on.

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If You Can’t Repair it, Replace it

When you car’s completely had it, do you keep driving it around in anticipation of it breaking down or blowing up?


When your phone is broken beyond repair, do you still try and make calls on it despite not being able to turn it on?


When you’ve got some rotten vegetables in the fridge, do you still eat them anyway, knowing you could become seriously ill? Actually, I have done this on a few occasions I can can vehemently attest against doing this.


I am an advocate for fixing material things instead of replacing them straight away but some things (namely, psychological traits, rotten food and iPhones older than two years) simply can’t be fixed and so we have to take a sneakier approach.


It’s no easy task, breaking a bad habit. Think of the relapse rates of addicts. Simply eliminating something and expecting change is unrealistic. But replacing bad habits with good ones is a subtle and easy way of getting rid of those detrimental patterns for good. That way, you’re still doing the same amount of things so your brain thinks everything is going just normally. It takes a minimum of 21 days to break a habit so the time will fly by if you replace it with a helpful one. At the same time, you’ll hardly notice anything has been changed.


You’ve all heard of the trick to replace junk food snacks with healthy ones. That’s because it works. It’s no magical overnight solution but gradual changes are the ones that stick. Find some replacements for your habits and soon they’ll become second nature while the old ones simply fall to the  wayside.

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Remember Your “Why”

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If you’ve got one of those more difficult situations I mentioned earlier then you might need to go back and ask yourself why your habit is a bad one.


Every now and then I get a unit that it just so unbelievably boring that I will go off and do something really odd like separate all the different seeds in the bird mix or start studying something entirely different like moss gardens.


I can’t exactly replace the unit with a different one or I wouldn’t graduate and it’s not as easy to replace these bizarre habits with good ones. It would be like quitting smoking cold turkey. Instead, I  have a piece of paper taped to the side of my computer screen which reminds me of the end goal and to remind myself whenever I get off track, about the “why” I started in the first place.


Here’s the catch; your “why” has to be a good one though. It has to be compelling enough to get you through those hard parts.


Simply wanting to lose weight to look good for other people isn’t enough. In the same way, me wanting to finish uni just so I have a degree to show off wouldn’t be enough.


If you can find your “why” then all you have to do is leave little reminders around about the end goal and you’re more than halfway there.

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If You Fall Down, Get Back Up

At least if you get back up, you know you can still get back on track and make progress.


There’s no point in laying on the floor.Unless you’re training for some type of laying down sport, then by all means, don’t let me stop you.


 When I was learning violin as a child I was so hard on myself, to the point it actually makes me laugh now. This video is a scarily accurate representation of how I used to be and sometimes still am.


But no matter how hard many times I would throw my violin on the floor or yell at my tiny hands for not being able to reach certain notes I would give myself time to cool down and try again later on.


There’s simply no point in beating yourself over something and giving up. And it’s something I knew this as a child. If I had gotten angry enough to give it up altogether then I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today.


And it applies to bad habits. If you slip up, acknowledge where you went wrong, what you can do to avoid it happening again and go on as if it had never happened.


You’ll never kick a bad habit if you use every slip up as an excuse to quit. There’s just no easy way around this one.





What are some bad habits you’d really like to kick. Let me know any tips you have on breaking them. We can all always do with some more ideas on becoming our best selves.


Happy Monday.

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