A Simple Black Sneakers Outfit

posted on: Sunday, November 4, 2018

Getting through all of the errands that piled up over the course of a few weeks within one day with help from Tiosebon slip-on sneakers. Comfort comes first, am I right? And a black sneakers outfit ticks both comfort and style.

Simple outfit for running errands.

Wearing: ASOS tee, Minkpink moto leggings, Tiosebon slip-on sneakers,* Minskat Copenhagen Alba bag*

Perth blogger wearing black leggings and white tee.

Monochrome outfit for running errands.
Black sneakers with white tee. Perth fashion blogger.
Minskat Copenhagen Alba bag, Asos structured tee.
Affordable comfortable sneakers from Tiosebon.
Black sneakers outfit. Perth fashion blogger.
Perth lifestyle blogger. Errands outfit. Sunday style.
Women's black sneakers outfit.
Black and white casual outfit.
Tiosebon shoes. Cheap black sneakers.

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Tiosebon slip-on sneakers

Mandurah fashion blogger. Black sneakers outfit.

A very simple outfit for one of those days where you have a shit tonne to do (because you procrastinated and didn’t do it earlier) and need to look put together enough to be out in public but also comfortable for running around in a panic. I was about to run out the door in my beloved Chatuchak thongs (which are approximately 10 years old) but saw just in time that I had these sneakers sitting by the door. It was a risky move, taking a new pair of sneakers out for a spin with no backup pair in tow (last time feet were covered in blisters) but these turned out to be really comfortable. And despite my mum calling them crabbing shoes, she has already laid claim on them for their simple design and comfort.

On another note, I bought this top from ASOS many moons ago and haven’t worn it in a few years because it had some greyish marks all over it. From not separating my whites from colours in the wash I suspect (does anybody really do that?). I found an Australian cruelty free washing detergent though and now my whites are brighter than my teeth. It’s kind of of expensive compared regular washing powder but if you wear a lot of whites, it’s definitely worth it. I mean, I have about 20 new (old) tops that I can now wear again and that in itself is worth it to me. EDIT: I just realised I never told you the name of the washing detergent brand LOL… Anyway, it’s Organic Care.

Besides the newfound whiteness of this tee, I chose it for it’s textured material and structured shape. Handy for looking publicly decent. I paired it with some super old patent moto leggings, which are even older than the tee. Of course I chose them for comfort too. If you’re in Australia and looking for a detergent that brightens whites and makes colours more vivid, I recommend you check out Organic Choice Luxe Laundry Liquid. If you do, let me know how it’s revolutionised you highly impractical all white wardrobe. Not the most interesting black sneakers outfit ever, but a variation on a theme I wear a lot for those type of errand run days. If you check out this post, you’ll see just how often I wear this type of outfit…

What’s your errand uniform? Do you prefer fashion over comfort or are you one of those people who would go out in pyjamas if you could? Let me know in the comments what your getting-shit-done style is.