Grey Sportluxe Outfit + Ethical Fashion

posted on: Sunday, October 7, 2018

A grey sportluxe outfit and combating fast fashion habits.

Casual activewear outfit. Dress with sneakers. grey Sportluxe outfit.

Wearing: Avila raglan dress,* New Era 9forty snapback cap

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Baseball cap with dress outfit.
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Sportluxe dress outfit.
Grey Sportluxe outfit. Dress activewear. Top Australian fashion blog.
Avila activewear. Brown baseball cap outfit.
Top Perth fashion blogger. Grey dress outfit with sneakers.
Dress with baseball cap outfit.
Avila activewear outfit.
Perth fashion blogger. Monochrome outfit.
Grey Sportluxe dress outfit.
Sportluxe outfit.

I’ve been so busy with uni, blogging, housework, helping my son with holiday homework and running errands lately that the right clothing has been a top priority for me. Too comfortable and I might just fall asleep at my desk. Not comfortable enough and I get frustrated so much that it puts me in a such bad mood that I don’t want to do anything. Jeans, I’m talking to you.

This is wear activewear comes in. Activewear has this special power of making me feel like I have even more energy than usual and motivates me to get more shit done. But I’m not one to walk around in public all day in leggings and a crop top so I’ve been opting for the athleisure wear from Avila which is functional enough to take me through the days different tasks and help me look presentable at the same time. Ragland dresses have always been a favourite of mine and this thick material is heavy enough so that I’m not worrying about the wind revealing everything while I’m busy running around. Put on some sneakers for practicality, a hat to keep the hair out of your face (clearly didn’t work here for me and my wild mane*) and a throw everything in a large bag and you can pretty much conquer most daily life activities.

My favourite things about Avila however, isn’t the functionality of the label (though it’s a very close second) but the ethics behind it. It’s an Australian label made with high quality natural fabrics and ecological sustainable considerations. I’ve been trying really hard to cut out fast fashion lately, and as someone who doesn’t buy second hand clothing (it’s an Asian superstition I was brought up with), brands like Avila is the best I’m gonna get with it. I’m still guilty of shopping at those big name fashion chainstores every now and then but I’m trying to phase it out by supporting the smaller ethical brands and buy choosing quality over quantity. I’ve never been one to go on fashion shopping sprees (grocery shopping, now that’s another thing all together) but sometimes I have to urge to buy something really trendy and I usually end up regretting it shortly after. Avila pieces are very high quality and they’re so versatile and functional. I can tell they are pieces I will wearing into the far future.

It’s not easy to give up fast fashion when it’s so aggressively shoved in our faces all the time with television advertising and the rise of social media but it’s definitely worth the effort when you think of the money you’re saving (and how you’re not contributing to unethical factory practices) by purchasing fashion pieces mindfully. What are your thoughts on fast fashion versus ethical purchases? Let me know your thoughts below and if you’re doing anything to combat it.