The Functionality Of Activewear

posted on: Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Do you wear activewear? Do you even go to the gym. Doesn’t matter because there are other purposes for it, besides working out. Sweating unnecessary.

Fila hoodie with denim skirt and Old Skool Vans.

Wearing: Fila hoodie,* Beyond Her zip denim skirt,* Vans Old Skool sneakers

O-ring sip front denim skirt.

Jump on it

I’m not one to jump on trend bandwagons, but one that has really stuck over the past few years is the sport luxe trend. Activewear is the perfect facade for looking motived and getting shit done but actually feeling really comfortable while hiding your laziness at getting dressed.


Anything that lets me wear leggings and hoodies out in public without looking socially unacceptable and like a slob, I’m down for. 

Denim skirt with sport hoodie.

Vans Old Skool with denim skirt.

Lately, my sneaker collection has been growing like a gym buffoon on steroids. I used to be very into heels, but once you reach a certain age, no amount of stiletto is worth looking good for. Besides, sneakers are so much more practical. There used to be a time (when I was young) where sneakers were only good for school, sports and not much else, but these days it’s acceptable to wear sneakers with pretty much anything, and that’s exactly what I do


.Sneakers with dresses? Strikes the perfect balance between girly and sporty.

Sneakers with skirts? Practical yet stylish.

Sneakers with shorts? Comfortable and cute.


Anything goes and this isn’t a trend I’ll be willing to let go anytime soon. Especially not when I’ve expanded my collection so widely over the past few months. Don’t have enough choices? Check out Glue Store (where I got these dope Adidas kicks from) for a selection of the newest sneakers and a wide range of the classics.

No easy feet

Fila dad sneakers trend.
Dad sneaker trend.
Aqua Adidas sneakers.
Baby pink Adidas sneakers.
Baby blue Adidas sneakers.
90s aesthetic outfit.

Adidas FLB sneakers

Camo print track pants.
Sports luxe style outfit.

Sweatpants. Never in my high school life would I have thought that sweatpants would ever be socially accepted as public attire. I absolutely hated wearing jeans during my high school years, and if this was true about sweatpants 15 years ago, I think I would have been the happiest teen in all of my school.


Now, this doesn’t mean you can go out in spaghetti stained track pants and call yourself a fashionista (well, you can if you want, but since fashion is subjective, there might be some people who think otherwise) so it’s gonna require a bit of curation and some classic pieces. Check out my favourites below. 

Sweating and panting

The track pants you need.
Comfortable track pants.


Peach coral track pants.


Pink track pants.
Navy blue track pants.


Le Coq Sportif Nadine track pants

Hoodie with denim skirt.


Fila hoodie outfit. Hoodie with skirt.

Hoodies are probably my favourite type of activewear. Sure I don’t actually even wear one when I’m doing anything remotely active, but they’re great for looking like you’re about to.


Recently, I’ve been loving the cropped styles in bright colours and sharp lines reminiscent of the 90s. I’ve been wearing this Fila cropped hoodie almost non-stop since it arrived in the mail (so I won’t tell you how long ago I got it because things could get gross very quickly) and it’s been serving me well for a range of (non-fitness related) activities. Throw on some leggings with and no one will even suspect you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or eaten quinoa before. 

In the hoodie

Hot pink Adidas hoodie.
Red Fila hoodie. 90s style fashion hoodie.
Pink and blush hoodie jacket.

In this photo:


Adidas cropped hoodie

In this photo:


Fila cropped hoodie

90s aesthetic style outfit.
90s aesthetic fashion.
Fila hoodie with denim skirt.

Legging it the whole way

If you’ve been to a shopping centre in the last five years then you’ll know about the legging epidemic going on right now. Not that I’m complaining. Any excuse to wear comfortable leggings in public is ok with me. Do any of these women go to the gym? Do any of these girls even work out at all? Who cares, because the most important movement in fashion history (ok, maybe not the most important, but pretty damn major) is here and it’s comfort.


If it means that I can case my legs in a soft and stretchy second skin, then I am definitely going to. Not to mention, they are very practical for most every day activities. Like picking the kids up from school. Doing the groceries. Running errands. Cleaning the house. You could probably even do workouts in them. Mind blown. Kudos to the genius that invented such pleasant and enjoyable non-pants. Here’s a few picks I’ve got my eye on.

Yellow crop oversized sweater.
Tropical print Adidas jacket and shorts.

Adidas Farm shorts




Mandurah blogger. Perth fashion blogger.

So tell me; what are your favourite activewear pieces? Are you a hoodie fan like me? Or do you prefer swanning around in your svelte and stylish leggings?


Whatever the case, and whichever way you decide to go, make sure you check out Glue Store for the newest picks from activewear. No gym membership (or quinoa) required.

The perfect fit

Beyond Her denim skirt.
Oversized sleeves crop top.
Rose gold black sweater with back zip detail.
Fila sports bra crop top.
Sports hoodie.

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Vans Old Skool outfit.

Fila hoodie outfit. Hoodie with skirt.