Ana Luisa Jewelry Review + Giveaway

posted on: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Ana Luisa NY

Handcrafted Designer Jewelry

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Cubic zirconia silver necklace.

Quality over Quantity

Having this blog has changed many aspects of my life. When I first started, I was very into fast fashion. Buying into every trend and wearing pieces a few time before the next new thing came out. Then I started getting into those big ticket “investment” purchases. The Alexander Wang bags, the Louis Vuitton wallets. Silk tees and leather belts.


These days though, I’m less into the designer items but still looking for quality. Less into fast fashion but still into being able to change things up when I feel like it. I don’t spend heaps of money on handbags anymore and I don’t jump at every trend that comes out. I think I’ve finally managed to find a balance between what will last throughout the seasons and what I consider to be a reasonable price point for myself. One thing I don’t mind spending a little bit more on though, is jewelry because I think it can easily transform a look.


I have a very erratic style but on most days, I tend to wear a simple jeans and tee outfit which is why I love finding new jewelry brands with limited collections so you know you have something unique.


The newest brand I’m lusting over is Ana Luisa and they were kind enough so send out some pieces, so I thought I would share a review on those kind of luxury pieces you’ve seen popping up all over Instagram lately.

Pink and gold earrings with tassels.
Moonstone ring. Gold ring affordable.
Affordable luxury gold ring.
Fruit bowl still life with avocados and pineapple.

The Vision

The main point behind Ana Luisa (besides the luxurious and beautiful designs) is the elimination of the middle man. In short, luxury jewelry is available at an affordable price point with the same quality of these big name brands you might spend up to fifteen times more on.

Ana Luisa works with the best in the business too, with designers that used to work for brands like Kenzo, Alexander Wang, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren, so you know what you’re getting is extra special. These days, it seems like everything has a handcrafted label attached to it, but these pieces truly feel different from most other pieces.

So you can also experience the luxuriousness of Ana Luisa, I’m giving away two of the Olivia Pink Earrings (pictured right), but more on that towards the end.

Gold earrings with pink tassels. Ana Luisa Jewelry review.
Gold earrings with pink tassels.
Ana Luisa Jewelry review. Moonstone ring.

Dressing Up When You’re Dressed Down

Like I mentioned above, most days I opt for a simple outfits because they’re practical and I’m kind of lazy when it comes to getting dressed. I do have a few cheats I use for not looking like a total hobo though: 

– Style your hair. I have straight (sometimes wavy) hair so I can get away with just brushing it. If you’ve got super curly hair or unmanageable hair, throwing it into a messy bun is an easy way to create that effortless chic look.

– Add some mascara. I used to never be able to leave the house without a full face of makeup but now I’ve worked out that a swipe of mascara can really open your eyes and make you look fresh faced. Even when you don’t have to time to dot on concealer or apply a light layer of foundation. I used to always need eyeliner but mascara doesn’t require that same level of precision that a wing does and you can do it pretty much anywhere.

– Tuck your top in and roll up the ends of your sleeves. This is just something that instantly makes you look polished. Even if you just tuck the front of your tee in, it can completely transform the look of an outfit. If you’re wearing a long sleeved top, rolling the ends of the sleeves up is another way to add that luxe look to an otherwise simple outfit.

– Accessorise with quality pieces. I don’t have a huge jewelry collection but that’s because I prefer quality over quality. Adding gold some bangles is an easy way to add some sophistication to an outfit. I love these Olivia Pink Earrings with a plain white tee and jeans outfit. Simple but chic. I also love stacking rings because it always looks so luxe. You could probably get away with pyjamas in public by doing this.

– Find the right footwear. Let’s be honest here. Most of us would probably never wear heels again if we didn’t think a certain occasion didn’t call for it. I even try to get into clubs with sneakers because I’d really rather have comfortable feet and almost never enjoy myself when my feet feel like they are about to fall off. If you’re wearing nice jewelry though, you can pretty much get away with most types of shoes. I love wearing trainers with bangles or statement earrings or flats with a delicate crystal necklace.

My favourite low-key outfit is jeans and a tee with trainers. Then I load up on the rings and maybe add a pair of statement earrings. If I feel like I need that extra bit of sophistication, I’ll go for a crystal necklace and bangles instead. The options are endless, but when you have a well-curated collection of jewelry, it all just depends on you mood.

What are your favourite ways to dress up without dressing up?

Hammered gold moonstone ring.
Ana Luisa Jewelry review.
Ana Luisa Jewelry review.
Ana Luisa Jewelry review.

Member Of Society

One of my favourite things about Ana Luisa is that the pieces are limited and are unique designs, so there’s hardly any chance of you bumping into someone else with the same piece.

There are a heap more benefits that come with the brand though.

And signing up and membership is free by the way.

You get unlimited to access to all the collections and trust me, there are some gorgeous pieces in there. I’m currently eyeing the Voyage rings collection and if you love bohemian style, you’ll definitely want to check out this collection.

Membership also comes with a one year warranty on all purchases. I doubt that you’ll need it though because the pieces I have feel solid enough that even I probably wouldn’t wreck them.

You get gifts! Members get a surprise gift with every purchase. If that’s not enough to sign up for free, then I don’t know what it. I love surprise gifts (that’s as far as surprises go for me). What surprise will your receive?

Every fifth piece of jewelry is free. I don’t buy a tonne of jewelry online but I definitely have not come across another jewelry brand that practically gives jewelry away.

They reward their members for being creative. Tag your creative Ana Luisa pictures on Instagram and get rewarded.

Still not convinced of the quality? Keep scrolling down.

Hammered gold ring with moonstone centre.


Ana Luisa Jewelry review.

While the Janet ring is my favourite piece (I’m a sucker for gold and moonstones), the Olivia Pink earrings come in at a close second. So much that I wanted to keep a pair of them to myself.

But I really want you to experience the luxury of Ana Luisa so I’m giving away two pair to two lucky readers.

All you have to do is:

Sign up here to make an account.

Comment below to let me know you’ve done that.

The winner will be drawn on the 13th July 2018.

Good luck!