My Current Skincare Products

posted on: Saturday, May 12, 2018

A quick look into my current skincare products. The good, the bad and the just plain crap.

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This isn’t a how to get rid of acne or how to get clear skin post. That’s coming though (and it’s going to be a big one). This is just a look into my current beauty cabinet and some of the things I use the most. Some of my favourites. Some things that are just meh.. And some products I kind of wish I had never bought in the first place. Maybe you’ll find some new products to love and hopefully it saves you from wasting a lot of money and time like I did.


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Sante by Enjo makeup remover discs review. Eco friendly makeup removers.

a good base for a good foundation

Thanks to every beauty blog under the sun, should now know that good makeup starts with good skin.


And I’m just here to reiterate that for you.


I don’t usually wear makeup. Partly out of laziness. Mostly out of lack of makeup skills. On the rare occasion I do wear makeup though, I always make sure to take it off. I have tried all kinds of makeup removers. Ones for sensitive skin, wipes, sketchy ones from Bangkok markets, high end designer. They all pretty much removed makeup, but if you’ve got sensitive eyes like me, then you’ll know how hard it is to find one that doesn’t set them on fire.


I was kindly gifted these Santé by Enjo reusable makeup remover discs about a year ago (I thin) and haven’t bought a dedicated makeup remover since. There are a few different brands of this type of thing out there but I’ve been really happy with these ones that I don’t think I’ll ever use another brand. They are super soft and remove makeup effortlessly. They even removed face paint from my son without scraping his actual skin off and they are eco-friendly which is what I think is the most exciting part.


If I’m wearing really heavy eye makeup though (like super strong waterproof mascara) then I’ll add a little bit of micellar water to a disc to make things a little bit gentler. But I won’t be repurchasing the Simple brand again as it’s not cruelty free.

The next important step is to wash your face. Maybe that sounds obvious to you but I know an unsettling amount of people who seem to think this is a special occasion thing. None of whom have great skin.


For the past few years I’ve bee using the SK-ii Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser and it’s been working just fine. The reason there’s a sample tube in the above photo though is because I’m using up what I have left (and somehow I have tonnes of these little travel sized ones laying around) before I change to something else. Why am I changing to something else? Well, for starters, I think the price of SK-ii is kind of absurd. It does work great but your skin gets addicted to it so you’re left there paying a lot of money you could put towards other things (like food of course, or even a holiday) and I’m just over spending that much on it. Secondly, I’m trying really hard to cull all my beauty products that aren’t cruelty free by finishing them first. I mean, I don’t want all those animals to have been tested in vain, so I might as well use them up.


Same goes for the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cleanser. It works well and feels so luxurious but it just doesn’t align with my morals anymore.


A couple of cruelty free ones I’ve been living though are the Essano Complexion Purifying Gel Cleanser (not vegan though) and the Ocinium Ecdysis. Since the Essano isn’t vegan I won’t be repurchasing it but the Ocinium has been great so far. If you’re after a foamy face wash though, this isn’t it. It has more of a creamy texture and using it is somewhat akin to trying to wash your face with a lotion. It feels weird but it does the job well.


If you’ve got dry skin, the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser is great but it has the same lotion type texture as the Ecdysis so if you like the feeling of foam engulfing your face then you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Essano toner review. Liquid Gold review.

Tone It Up

For the past few years, I was using SK-ii religiously.  Not just one or two products, but a whole set. In fact, it was almost entirely what my skincare routine consisted of. It was only after I ran out of a the Clear Lotion that I realised I had to stop using it. If I could justify the price of what it was costing me to use their products and had no conscience, then it wouldn’t be a problem, but my skin was so addicted, that missing a few days of using this one product was wreaking havoc on my face.


I haven’t found a toner-type product that gives the same results as the SK-ii Clear Lotion yet but I have found a couple that don’t break my skin out, either when using it or when I miss a few days.


The first I tried out was the Alpha H Liquid Gold which I reviewed a while ago. I’ve had it for quite a long time because I only use it as a special occasion thing, when my skin is looking really dull and lacklustre. It burns but if you use alone at night without putting any other products over the top, your skin is glowing by the time morning rolls around. It does contain silk proteins though, so as much as I love the product, I’ll have to find something to replace it with.


For the everyday toning, I use the Essano Clear Complexion Mist Toner at night. Toners usually burn my skin but this one seems gentle enough. I spray some directly onto a cotton pad and wipe it across my face. You can definitely see all the crap it picks up, especially if you use it as part of a night routine. It doesn’t leave my skin anymore glowing than if I had used any other toner but it definitely cleans up my skin gently and thoroughly.


I will definitely be repurchasing this one but if you know of any holy grail toners, please let me know in the comments.

Facial mists and essences. Sk-ii facial treatment essence review.

Ok, that’s not even a real quote but from experience, it rings true.


Sk-ii introduced me to the concept of water essences and I’ve been hooked ever since. The only cruelty free product here is the Wilde Hydra Mist, and while it’s great for those hot summer days or frosty winter days when your skin needs a moisture boost, it’s not something I use ever single day.


The SK-ii Facial Treatment Essence is one of the most raved about beauty products in, probably forever, but in my 4 years of experience with it, its price tag doesn’t correspond with i’s results. If your skin isn’t addicted to this brand already then save your money and try out the Missha First Treatment Essence. A way more effective dupe of the SK-ii water. This stuff is literally miracle water. My partner’s skin decided to have a breakdown at one point and this saved his skin. It got rid of his acne, faded all of his pigmentation from scars and gave his skin that Korean K-popstar glow. He doesn’t even use it anymore (despite ordering four more bottles of it) and he doesn’t have that same glow as he used to but his skin hasn’t decided to shit itself again since and it’s been a good 3 years. He tried everything from acne treatments, facials, medications, dermatologist visits and professional extraction and this was the only thing that could clear up his skin. If your skin is going through some things then definitely give this one a try. I’m not clear on it’s animal testing policy as I’m pretty sure it’s sold in China but I will be finishing the bottles we have left.


Jurlique have quite a few of these watery products designed to be used after toning and a couple I have really liked in the past are the Rosewater Balancing Mist and the Activating Water Essence. I don’t use either every day though. I use the mist in the same way I would the Wilde one and the Activating Water Essence has a bit of a thicker consistency then was so I use it when my skin gets really dry and flaky.


I do use the SK-ii Facial Treatment  Essence every day and the La Mer Treatment Essence every few days though. If you’re going to try out the SK-ii Facial Treatment Essence alone, then I would save the money and spend it elsewhere as I’ve noticed that without the rest of the SK-ii routine, this has had pretty much no noticeable effect on my skin and if I’m going to be spending a hundred bucks on what is essentially rice water, I want its effects to be noticeable.


The La Mer has been great so far, but until they change their animal testing policy, I won’t be repurchasing it. In the meantime, I’ll be searching for the perfect essence and supplementing with drinking three litres of water a day.

your face is a garden, keep it watered and it will bloom

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Cheap jade roller.

Truth serum

I’ve genuinely loved all of these products but my two holy grail serums from this lot are both from Ocinium. I’ve never seen such dramatic results from serums before and they check the vegan and cruelty free boxes, which if you can’t already tell, have become pretty important to me in the past six or so months.


I used both of these serums twice a day, these every day. Sometimes I forget or sometimes I get lazy and use them once a day, but my skin doesn’t regress when I don’t use them.


To be honest, I can’t remember which one does what since I use both of them together but one makes my skin glow and the other has significantly reduced the size and texture of my pores. These have become two of my favourite products I they won’t be leaving my beauty cabinet any time soon. I was gifted these but have been suing them ever since being introduced to them and really can’t recommend these two enough.


And for when I’m feeling really extra, I like to roll the serums into my skin with this jade roller. I don’ t use it enough to notice any material effects on my skin but it does help product soak in a lot more effectively without it soaking into my hands. Not to mention, it’s super relaxing. If you haven’t tried jade rolling though and want to here’s a tip: buy one for about $3.00AUD from eBay instead of the overpriced ones sold via skincare brands. This one was $2.85 and is genuine jade. Just make sure you read the description carefully to make sure you aren’t buying glass or plastic ones.

Eye creams for dark pigmentation around eyes.
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Eye See Eye Cream

In regards to dark circles, I haven’t had much luck with eye creams. Most of these have been great for fine lines, but the only products that have brightened around the eye area for me, are the La Mer and Jurlique ones.


The Bobbi Brown is more suited to moisturising the eye area before makeup because it’s quite cream and  it stops your eye skin from feeling like it’s being pulled around when applying makeup.


The Philosophy one is good for deep moisturising at night but it started making my eyes burn so I haven’t used it for a little while. Maybe I just have weird eyes, I don’t know but having a burning sensation around such a sensitive area to me, isn’t worth the extra moisture.


The SK-ii ones are quite good but you (and everyone else) will definitely notice when you stop using it.


And that concludes the most useless paragraphs on eye creams in the history of the internet so please do let me know of your recommendations because I am in dire need of one.

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Cream Of The Crop

I have a lot of creams and lotions. A ridiculous amount. This isn’t even all of them but I’m working my way through. So while I use all of these regularly, I won’t go through them all.


The ones most worth mentioning in this bunch are Organic Island creme (great for every day), the La Mer (which works but is crazy expensive) and the Ocinium Metamorphis (perfect for both day and night).


When my skin gets really dry I use the Clinique Moisture Surge and when I’m looking for that extra luxurious feel, the Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream is amazing for pampering. It’s quite rich though so I don’t use it every day.

Best skincare oils for oily skin.

Oil Change

I know a lot of people swear by every day oils but if you’re any oil-combination skin type then you’ll know how crazy this sounds, but used properly, they can work for any skin type.


Oils for me are like little problem solvers. Scarring? Bio Oil. Dry Skin? Sukin Rose Hip Oil (though any 100% rose hip oil will do). Dull complexion? Essano Radiance Facial Oil and so on.


I use them very sparingly though. If I’m treating scarring, then I put Bio Oil on the scar only. Same thing with dry patches. I love papaya for its enzymes so the Ocinium Papaya and Pomegranate  facial oil is perfect for when my skin is feeling dull and I want to slough off that that invisible top layer that accumulates with dust and toxins. It also helps with boosting collagen production but I don’t use it regularly enough to tout those claims but judging from the results from the other products, if your skin can handle a bit of oil then I don’t doubt it’s effectiveness.


The Intense Formulas Face Serum is actually more of an oil and I use it when I need to get rid of flaky skin. If I have a really hot shower, I use this sparingly to add some moisture back into my face.


I use all of the oils here but most of the other ones seem to do what most oils do, add moisture so I’ve only mentioned my top four.


Are you oil-obsessed or do they break you out?

Best facial masks for oily skin. Best masks for dry skin.
Skincare favourites 2018.

Behind The Mask

When you have a kid, a never ending to do list and the ever growing guilt of not starting your assignments on time, then you’ll know the feeling of locking yourself in the toilet just to get some alone time.


Maks for me are like locking myself in the toilet. Only more less depressing and more luxurious.


Doing a face mask for me is a rare occurrence so I need to have intense products where I can see results after one use.


Out of all of these my absolute favourite is the Sukin Anti-Pollution Facial Masque Oil Balance. My forehead resembles an oil rig most of the time but if I use this once every couple of weeks, I can keep it under control. After seeing the charcoal mask craze all over Instagram, I caved and went to check out the local drugstore talent (in charcoal masks) and this is the only thing I could find. It’s been amazing for keeping the shine under control and if you need some facial detoxing then drop everything (unless it’s a baby) and go buy this stuff because it’s amazing and I never call anything amazing.


The other masks here are mostly for dry, flaky skin, but since I’m so greasy, I only have that problem in the winter but these are all great for that.


If you’ve tried any of these facial masks, let me know which ones and what you thought of them. I think it’s my new skincare obsession.

And there you have it. A peek into the products I use on the regular. Hopefully you’ve found some new products to try out and if you haven’t hopefully you’ve worked out what not to try. Just because a product is expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s great. But you’re smart so you already knew that.


If you know of any amazing vegan and cruelty free skincare products, please let me know of them. I’m pretty new this who ethical thing so I really have no idea what brands to test out and what to stay away from.


In the meantime, stay tuned because a huge skincare post is in the making. Think – how to get rid of acne and keep it that way. But for now, it’s assignments and pigging out on chilli lime peanuts.