How To: Wear Orange

posted on: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

And how exactly are you supposed to wear orange in a sea of minimalists and monochromatic fanatics? Presenting, how to: wear orange.

How to wear orange. Orange off the shoulder crop knit sweater with back jeans. Mom jeans outfit.

Wearing: Pretty Little Thing off the shoulder knitted crop jumper,* Pretty Little Thing black extreme rip mom jeans,* Pretty Little Thing mid-wash longline denim jacket,* Minskat Copenhagen Isobel bag,* Adidas Superstar sneakers

Slouchy off the shoulder knit sweater in orange.

Orange you glad I’m not wearing another monochrome outfit? 

Sorry, but that pun was literally begging to be typed up and silliness aside, I’m pretty glad myself that this isn’t another repeat of another boring outfit. As much as I love black and white outfits, crisp white clothing doesn’t make for the most practical outfits when it comes to doing things like eating, exploring, cooking or anything really.


Orange on the other hand, is pretty great when it comes to all of those things. Wanna eat an orange? Do it without fear in this punchy shade. Want to drink some mango juice? You can when you’re wearing this colour. Want to sound like you’re crazy? Type up some random stuff about the orange.


It has a kind of retro or 90s vibe to it and despite it’s bright hue, it’s really easy to wear both casually and dressed up. But, since it’s such a loud shade, how exactly do you even wear orange? My exact thoughts when I first saw this top.

Denim jacket with black denim jeans and orange crop sweater.

Orange outfit, street style. Perth fashion blog.

Monochrome outfits helped me shaped my wardrobe over the years of this whole blogging thing. Having pieces in black, white and grey meant that anything could go with anything and that was just too good of a dream to pass up for the lazy dresser.


But it’s definitely not how I dressed when I was younger. I was into really crazy patterns, rainbows and vivid colours and somewhere along the way I just forgot how to wear colour. It’s a weird (and possibly vain first world) problem to have but when you get too comfortable, you know it’s time to change things up. Whether it’s your job, your relationship, your cooking or your clothing, getting comfortable is a sign of plateauing.


“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” — William Pollard.


Colours have psychological effects and wearing black, I always felt sleek and put together but I also found myself retreating from the world because I could sink into the background so easily. I mean, look at how many blogs there are based on completely monochromatic outfits. So I thought, there’s not much of a better way to escape the rut then by diving head first into an outfit of a colour I’d usually never wear.



Orange bell sleeve crop top with front tie knot.
Ribbed black bell bottom pants.

After choosing this top, with a blue denim jacket no less, I was freaking out over how to not look like I came straight from the Blue’s Clues set. Turns out, these colours love each other, especially when the blue is a worn-in mid-wash denim.


But if you’re not ready to pair brights together or just don’t want to look like you’re playing for the Denver Broncos, then pair it with the endless neutrals already available in that monochromatic wardrobe of yours. Blacks, taupes and tans seem to go really well.


Don’t have enough clothes? Pretty Little Thing has a bomb winter collection of knitwear, coats & jackets and jeans full of juicy orange and soft peachy shades to beat those winter blues. Or greys.

Orange came print skirt.
Taupe cropped sweater hoodie.
Ribbed leggings outfit.
How to wear orange. Orange crop tank top.


Black ribbed flare pants

Orange camo print mini skirt

Tangerine square neck zip back crop top

Petite taupe PLT cropped hoodie

Tangerine tie front frill sleeve blouse

Harlie ribbed high waisted leggings

Orelia London Jewellery horn sleeper earrings.

In this photo:


Orelia London jewellery mini tusk hoop earrings*

Orange off the shoulder top knit.
Orange crop top sweater. How to wear orange.

In this photo:


Orelia London jewellery chunky gold tusk necklace*

Orange outfit with denim jacket and black mom jeans.
Perth life and style blog. How to wear orange.
Pretty Little Thing blogger outfit.
Orange cropped knit from Pretty Little Thing. Oversized denim jacket outfit.


Have you ever picked out an outfit entirely online then thought what the actual fuck when it finally arrives and you try it on?


Well, despite the random assortment of clothes I chose here, luckily they all went together seamlessly. I though a slouchy top, loose mom jeans and an oversized denim jacket would be overdoing it in the baggy department but I actually really love this outfit so don’t be surprised if I just wear this for the next 5 outfit posts.


But do let me know if you’re a fan of orange or if you’d try wearing it. Or if not, what bright colours do you love to wear? I need some ideas so I can inject some more life into my sad wardrobe of black, white and greys.

Orange Doll bodysuit with long sleeves.
Orange leather look pants.


Orange over the knee thigh high boots.
Distressed mom jeans.
Orange peach denim skirt.
Ruffle long sleeve orange crop top.


Feeling Daring? Try some thigh high boots in an attention grabbing satin and tangerine

Orange satin thigh high boots

Peach high waisted denim mini skirt

Light wash ripped boyfriend jeans

Slinky sleeveless crop top

Doll slogan ribbed bodysuit

Faux leather cropped trousers

Bardot ruffle knit long sleeve crop top

Minskat Copenhagen Isobel in Cobalt.