Another White Lace Summer Dress Outfit

posted on: Sunday, February 4, 2018

Incase you were wondering how to make a (see through) white lace summer dress outfit look not so girly, the answers lies in the feet.

White lace summer dress outfit. White lace swing dress outfit.

Wearing: Missguided dress,* Minskat Copenhagen Mini Liz scarlet snake bag,* Asos trainers*

White lace summer dress outfit with sneakers.
White lace swing dress outfit. Summer dress outfit ideas. White dress with sneakers.
Red snake skin bag. Mini scarlet bag by Minskat Copenhagen.

In this photo:


Minskat Copenhagen Mini Liz Scarlet Snake bag*

Minskat Copenhagen bags review. Misguided white lace dress. Dobby tiered lace dress.
Flowy lace summer dress from Missguided.



Mini Liz Scarlet Snake cross body bag by Minksat Copenhagen.

White lace dress outfit. Summer outfit ideas. White lace swing dress outfit.
White lace summer dress. Layered lace dress.

Australian fashion blogger. White lace summer dress outfit.

White lace summer dress outfit.
White lace smock dress. Debby tiered lace dress in white.

Minskat Copenhagen bags review. White lace summer dress outfit.

Completely knew this dress was going to be way too girly for me when I added it to the cart months (ok, half a year) ago but blatantly disregarded it. With my determination to stop dressing so much like a slob I finally decided six months later that I would go with my original idea of wearing this flouncy piece with some trainers and accept the fact that I was going to look like I was off to play tennis.

And besides having my underwear on display for the whole world to see (I thought everyone was staring because this white lace summer dress outfit is just so damn cute, not because my nude Spanx was riding up up my ass crack), I think it does alright. Not quite sure how this piece is supposed to be worn exactly. I did consider wearing some showy black matching underwear set and pulling a Kim, but the inclusion of a slip dress made me think otherwise. I mean, I can’t think I why you would have a sheer slip dress with a see through slip too, but maybe I’ll just wear it with a different more substantial slip next time or go sans slip altogether and actually take a note out of Kim’s book.

Had to take this new season Minskat Copenhagen Mini Liz out for spin as well. It might not fit ten packets of gummy bears in there but that just means there’s no room in there for all my partner’s crap so it’s actually helping my shoulder and my diet when you think about it. I don’t have a lot of brightly colour bags so I went with the scarlet (although onyx, jet black snaketaupe snake and tan if you prefer to be on the safe side of things) since most of my clothes are black, white and grey. I’m actually really liking this bright coral, scarlet kinda colour so I might just let it infiltrate my closet a little bit more.