Road trip Ready With A Knotted Crop Top

posted on: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The knotted crop top makes the perfect summer road trip piece.

Pink and green outfit.

Wearing: Shein knot front crop tee,* Layer’d Gwen pant,* Morrison leather bag, Birkenstock Arizona sandals

White Birkenstocks outfit. Olive silk pants.

Pink white striped crop tee with knot tie front.

When travelling, it suddenly becomes acceptable to dress like a tourist. The kind which wears a bucket hat, fanny pack and sneakers that look like they need a prescription for them.


But wearing all that touristy crap isn’t even remotely comfortable. I’ll admit, dressing like I was about to head off on a safari was fun when I was a child, even if my fanny pack was stuffed with food and not money (I mean, do you even know how handy it is to have a bunch of candy sitting handsfree right in front of your stomach is?), but since gaining a little self dignity, I’ve come to find dressing somewhere between a local and comfortably, the best way to travel.


This is especially true when on a road trip because sitting in a car for hours in jeans or a utility vest is anything but comfortable.


You never know where you’re going to stop, or what you’re going to do so simple but practical clothing (pockets are mandatory) make for the best road trip outfits.


Baggy silk pants. How to wear harem pants.
Green Kangaroo Paw flora in Walpole, Western Australia. Travel Great Southern Australia.
Pink crop tee, olive pants outfit.
Morrison white leather bag.

In this photo:


Morrison leather bag

Great southern Australia, Western Australia travel blog.

Perth fashion blogger, Shannon Valle. Layer'd outfit.
Walpole, Western Australia. Perth travel blog.
Travel Walpole, Western Australia. Walpole travel blogger.

Knotted crop top outfit.

Pink knot front crop tee outfit.

We travelled down to Walpole (a tiny town in Western Australia) on the weekend, by car. With some stops included, this took about five hours. Not something you’d want to sit through in jeans.


These Layer’d pants which I featured before turned out to be the perfect choice. Light enough to wear in 30 degree (Celsius) heat and loose enough to wear squashed into the backseat of a car, I’ve coined them my tourist pants.


And being pants, I could easily run around the forests without bearing my butt to the birds. Bonus: they have pockets. For snacks of course.


Add a slouchy knotted crop top and shoes that look like I picked up from the chemist and you have a somewhat less touristy, tourist outfit.


No need for additional items like backpacks and Hawaiian shirts. Stick to the basics and you’re all set to sit in a car and eat for five hours.

Dressing as a purist

Travel Walpole, Western Australia. Australian travel blog.

Tie front crop top with baggy pants outfit. Knotted crop top outfit.