Perth Jurlique Spa Facial Experience

posted on: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

 Last year (yes, I know…) I lost my facial virginity. Here’s my Perth Jurlique Spa Facial review.

Best facial in Perth. Perth Jurlique spa facial review.

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When it comes to choosing a relaxing experience, I usually go for red wine over tea, reading a book over a getting a pedicure and a massage over a facial. To me it just made sense. Why get just your face massaged when you could have the full body experience?


Well, the Jurlique spa facial experience may have changed my mind about that.

Perth Jurlique facial review.
Jurlique products review.

I’ve been a dedicated Jurlique user since being kindly introduced to them by Invisble Thread a few years ago but I had never had a facial by them. Or anyone, for that matter.


I honestly thought facials were a waste of time. I mean, how much improvement could you make on your skin in one hour from having someone rub lotions all over it.


Turns out, a lot. Not only that, but facials are so much more than someone slathering your face in oils and creams. Though, that it all part of it.

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Jurlique spa facial review. Perth beauty blogger.

I was treated to the Classic Signature Facial, which started off with a spritzing of Rosewater Balancing Mist (enriched with rose essential oil, marshmallow and aloe) and my personal favourite part, a scalp massage. Only two minutes into the facial and I was ready to fall asleep. But I didn’t, because I wanted to remember the facial and give you guys a thorough review on it. That’s how dedicated I am to you.


Next my skin was cleansed to remove impurities, makeup, all that sort of crap that clogs your pores and dulls your face. This was done with the Replenishing Cleansing Lotion which is also gentle enough to be used as an eye makeup remover. After this, a skin analysis was performed to see just how terrible the condition of my skin really is.


There’s a difference between dry and dehydrated skin, which Elissa so kindly explained to me. Dry skin lacks oil. Dehydrated skin lacks moisture and my skin is dehydrated but super oily. Moistly indicated by the greasy sheen across my face and the ingrained lines in my forehead. I was skeptical that one facial could do anything about those line. My dad has them and I pretty much thought I was doomed to live with them without the help of fillers.


Amazingly, Elissa was able to make those stubborn lines disappear within one sitting with the help of an aromatic compression. Having your head wrapped in a hot towel is a lot more relaxing and less claustrophobic than I had originally expected. While I was enjoying the aromatic compression that was softening dead skin cells and increasing circulation, Elissa was working away preparing a Professional Enzyme Peel. Unfortunately this is only available in store as part of a facial, which I guess is just more reason for me to go back sooner than later.


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Jurlique spa facial experience.
Perth Jurlique store. Jurlique review.
Jurlique facial review in Perth, Australia.

I’m quite familiar with AHA and chemical exfoliation, but this enzyme peel was a pretty bizarre experience. I had to wake out of my half sleeping state to ask what the hell was being wiped across my face. Something akin to a really thick shaving foam but which made a scraping noise across my skin. It didn’t hurt, even though some enzyme peels can be uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin, but it did feel strange. It smelled amazing though. Pineapple, papaya, acerola cherry and hibiscus make for a cocktail of delicious scents. Is there a real cocktail made from those ingredients? Because someone should make one.


While the enzyme was busy exfoliating my skin, I got to enjoy an arm and hand exfoliation and a face, neck, shoulders and décolletage massage. Being a sucker for a good massage this was easily my second favourite part. Jurlique tailors their facials to suit each individual, so I was able to have the knots in my shoulders worked away with heavenly scented oils and creams. The Jasmine hand cream smells wonderful but you have a choice of about three different ones if jasmine isn’t really your thing.

Perth Jurlique spa facial experience.

Perth Jurlique.
Where to buy essentials oils in Perth, Jurlique store. Perth Jurlique spa facial.

To wrap up the facial, my face was hydrated with a bunch of products primarily from the Rose Moisture Plus range. Products designed to replenish the moisture levels in dehydrated skin and plump it out.


And plump it out, it did. I couldn’t stop staring at my skin in the reflection of the window on the train ride home. The little lines in my forehead where it looked like tiny men were digging trenches across the northern hemisphere of my face were all filled in. The dullness was replaced with glowing skin and my pore had almost (but not quite) vanished.


Do I recommend a Jurlique facial? I was honestly amazed at what a single facial could do and I am definitely booking in again and I know what I’m getting my mom for her upcoming birthday. So yes, if there is a Jurlique spa near you, I highly recommend booking in and forgetting all your usual life obligations for an hour or two.

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