Lime Green Bag & Forest Green Wall

posted on: Monday, December 11, 2017

Strolling the streets with a mini lime green bag from Eva Leather.
Casual sophistication outfit. Lime green handbag outfit.

Wearing: Ropa Essentials tee,* Neuw Denim Marilyn jeans,* Rosaire Capucine leather bag* via Eva Leather, Boohoo boots*

Perth fashion blogger. Black skinny jeans with white tee outfit.

Casual outfit ideas. Perth fashion blog.

White tucked in tee with black jeans.
Perth fashion blogger.
Half Thai fashion blogger. Bangkok fashion blogger.

Lace back black leather booties. Black stiletto boots.

How to wear bright accent colours.
Lime green bag outfit with high waisted black skinny jeans.
Casual chic outfit. Black jeans with white tee.

Eva leather handbag review. Rosaire Capucine handbag in lime green.

Lime green handbag outfit. Lime green cross body bag outfit.
High waisted black skinny jeans outfit.
Eva Leather handbags. Rosaire leather handbag review. Capucine leather handbag review.

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Rosaire Capucine leather bag

Black high waisted skinny jeans with white tee tucked in.

And when I say “strolling the streets”, what I really mean is that I walked about 100 metres around the corner of my brother’s house whinging about my choice of attire in 30 degree Celsius weather and asking him to carry me back after taking these photos. I failed but I did manage to get him to carry the camera back without him noticing.

The newest addition to my ever-growing bag collection is this cute little lime green bag from Eva Leather. I’ve always wanted a lime green bag and the tiny size of this one makes it the perfect accent piece. It was also supposed to come with a mini scarf as per the photo on the website but I didn’t find one in the package. Not too bother though since I probably wouldn’t use it anyway and would rather tie a nice vintage one around the handle instead but I did find something that somewhat resembled an ankle sock in the bottom of the postal bag. Maybe the scarf was meant to be in there? Maybe someone misplaced their washing? I’ll never know but I’m definitely not losing sleep over it. The bag itself makes up for the mystery of that.

Decided to let the bag do the talking by keeping the rest of the outfit super simple with my favourite black jeans and white top combo and finishing off with what I like to refer to as my ninja boots. Though, after that stroll, I can’t say I’d be capable of pulling any ninja moves in them. Or doing anything besides limp while wearing them.

Photos by William Valle-Pezzanelli.