Blunt Umbrella + Karen Walker

posted on: Thursday, December 28, 2017

If only this dress was constructed in the same way as this Blunt Umbrella, then I wouldn’t be flashing my bits to all the kangaroos out here.

Crane print flounce dress.

Wearing: Zaful flounce mini dress,* LightInTheBox over the knee boots,* Minskat Copenhagen Sonja bag,* Dylan Kain Birkin belt, Blunt Umbrella + Karen Walker*

Blunt Umbrella review. Australian fashion blogger.

Australian fashion blogger. Navy blue mini dress. Ruffle dress with boots.
Flounce mini dress. Ruffle mini dress.
Mandurah blogger. Perth fashion blogger. Mini dress with OTK boots.

In this photo:


Minskat Copenhagen Sonja bag*

Blunt Umbrellas x Karen Walker.

I know it looks sunny in these photos and I’m holding an umbrella for no real practical reason, but I can assure you it was anything but. Soon after these photos were taken, the rain started drizzling and the wind picked up. Now we have severe weather warnings. No idea where summer went to… Luckily for me, this Blunt umbrella really lives up to it’s claims. The wind did not blow this one inside out and there were pretty strong winds this day. The print on this Blunt Umbrella + Karen Walker is so pretty too. These photos don’t really show it vividly because of the sun reflecting on it, but it’s a navy kind of colour with a bird print which incidentally kind of matched my dress.

Unluckily though, my dress was not made with the same thought in mind. Winds blew and parts were almost revealed. If it wasn’t for the sheer slip inside, I wouldn’t have worn it out on such a windy day. Despite this, it’s quickly become my favourite dress with its cold shoulder details, oriental crane print and flouncy ruffles. I’ve been pretty damn impressed with Zaful lately.

Another new favourite? This Sonja bag by Minskat Copenhagen. You’ve probably notice that the Mira is my go-to bag and rarely ever leaves my side but this one is smaller which means I can fit a little less stuff in there (read: essentials only), meaning I’m not having my arm pulled off via my shoulder. It sounds crazy, but the bag is really teaching me how to be more thoughtful. Mostly about what snacks I can afford to fit inside, but hey, it’s a start.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and if you don’t see me again between now and Sunday, have an awesome new year! I’m truly so grateful of all of the visitors and readers of this blog and hope you’ll put up with my irrelevant rambles and intermittent (inconsistent!) posting in the new year. Wishing you all the best for 2018.


Perth fashion blogger. Australian life style blogger.
Crane print mini dress. Ruffle mini dress.
Nuytsia floribunda - Australian Christmas tree.

Probably not the best dress choice for bi-polar weather

Minskat Copenhagen Sonja black handbag. Quality leather bags.
Mandurah blogger. Lake Clifton, Western Australia.
Navy dress with black boots. Blunt umbrella review.

Minskat Copenhagen Sonja black bag.

Perth fashion blogger Shannon Valle.
Over the knee boots with mini dress. Flowy minidress. Winter outfit idea.
Crane print mini dress with OTK boots. Navy dress with black boots.
Mini dress with OTK boots. Autumn fall outfit idea. Blunt umbrella review.

Blunt Umbrella review. Karen Walker umbrella.