The Embroidered Denim Skirt Outfit

posted on: Sunday, November 5, 2017

Somewhere between stuck in the 90s & stuck in your nanna’s musty old curtains, the embroidered denim skirt outfit is a definite nod to the past.

Embroidered demin skirt outfit.

Wearing: Ropa Essentials tee* (retired brand),  Zaful a-line denim skirt,* Minskat Copenhagen Malou bag,* Asos trainers,* Guess watch

Embroidered denim skirt with floral appliqué.

Perth street style, Perth fashion blogger.
Mandurah blogger. Mandurah fashion blogger.
Embroidered denim skirt.

White Guess watch.

Embroidered denim skirt outfit.
Denim skirt with white tee outfit. Perth blogger.
Minskat Copenhagen bag review,

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Minskat Copenhagen Malou bag*

Simple denim skirt outfit.
Floral appliqué denim skirt outfit.
Perth fashion blogger. Top Perth blogger.

When everyone started wearing embroidered clothing, I started rolling my eyes. Another ’trend’. I could only speculate about why on earth people would want to relive their great aunt’s doilies or their nanna’s sewing box. To me, it was like borrowing from your grandmother’s closet. Only, you were borrowing her curtains. To wear.

But enter this denim skirt. With it’s faded slight dirty-looking blue colour & tacky embroidery, it suddenly dawned on me. It’s like living in Tazo times all over again. Well, minus the Tazos.

When I realised this embroidered demin skirt was essentially a variation of what I wore every day as a child (embroidered pants, embroidered tops, embroidered shoes, you name it), my initial thought was, “how can I make this even more 90s?” Tuck a white tee in, add some white trainers, a white watch & I think I just created a time machine back to the 90s. I could’ve added a tiny backpack that fits really nothing inside it & some type of choker necklace, but I didn’t want to risk the Spice Girls knocking on my door. Besides, where would I put all my snacks?

I’ll admit that maybe I was hard on the whole embroidery trend at first & I tried really hard not to like it, but it’s been growing on me & really fast. My rotation rack is quickly filling up with these flowery appliqués & I kind of feel like a hypocrite because of it. This embroidered denim skirt outfit definitely changed my mind. Have you ever hated a trend at first then reluctantly decided later you actually love it?