Feathers In Shark Bay

posted on: Monday, October 2, 2017

Dancing around the Shark Bay clay pans in inappropriate attire.

Chiffon dress editorial, Australia.

Wearing: Dresslily chiffon dress*

Shark Bay Western Australia Francois Peron National Park.

Flowy dress editorial. Rosegal fashion review.
Flowy chiffon dress from Rosegal.
Shark Bay fashion editorial.

Shark Bay, Western Australia, clay pans.

Rosegal chiffon dress.
Shark Bay Western Australia clay pans.
Feather print chiffon dress.

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When your hair wraps around your face in the wind & makes it look like you’re growing some 70s inspired sideburns

Shark Bay National Park editorial.

Western Australia fashion editorial.
Feather print chiffon dress editorial.
Western Australia travel editorial.

Rosegal review.

Used the long weekend as an opportunity to dodge as many uni obligations as possible by embarking on a ten hour road trip to camp for two days in Shark Bay, Western Australia. For the most part, the weather was great. We got to sightsee the whole place in less than a day (we were determined) & explore the beaches up there (which are amazing, FYI). But when I decided I wanted to shoot this dress for a blog post, the heavens decided to open up & piss all over me. Joke’s on them (the weather gods?) though, because if they knew anything about me, they’d have known that running around in the rain & slipping over in the mud makes for one very happy Shannon. Add in an over the top peacock-looking dress that flows like Mulan’s hair in the wind and you have a kid in a candy store.

The dress itself is ok. It would probably look better if I had some fat on my chest to hold it up, but alas, I don’t, so we’re working with what we’ve got here. Which turns out is nothing. Nevertheless, the material is soft, the straps adjustable & the skirt lined, but I’m not sure where you’d wear something like this normally. A see through club dress would probably be more appropriate for this frolicking situation. It’s a little on the excessive (& crazy bright) side to wear as an every day maxi dress but not quite fancy enough to wear anywhere nice. I mean, these clay pans I’m dancing around in a pretty nice but that’s not what we’re talking about here. It does make for some fun photos and parading around at home though. Exactly what I did when I was supposed to be packing for this trip.

Which by the way, I’ll be doing another travelogue for and if you’re ever thinking of visiting Western Australia, you will want to see. There’s a lot more scenery to see up there than these clay pans.