Effortless Linen Shirt & Silky Pants Combo

posted on: Saturday, October 21, 2017

The classic linen shirt & relaxed army green pants combo for an effortless summer look.

Layer’d clothing outfit.

Wearing: Layer’d clothing Arte shirt* & Gwen pant*, Alias Mae leather bag,* Unlabelled leather sandals

Linen & silk outfit.

Linen shirt with silk pants in army green.
Australian summer street style outfit.
Alias Mae leather bag.

In this photo:


Alias Mae leather bag*

Knotted linen shirt outfit. Australian summer outfit.
Silky cuffed pants, army green silk pants.
Layer'd clothing linen shirt

In this photo:


ZeroUV flat top aviator sunglasses*

Silk pants in army green by Layer'd.
Japanese polyester pants with large pockets.
Linen shirt with front knot tie.

Feeling like I’m on vacation in this linen shirt and silky pants combo. It seems very resort. Thought I’d up the tourist factor with a tan leather bag and perfectly matching sandals and I look like I should be wandering the alleyways of Amalfi or sipping on coffee outside of a cafe in Paris. Two places Where I am most definitely not.

Instead, I’m sitting here stunned at how fast another year has zoomed by and wondering how I’ve gone two years without an overseas vacation. Because, let’s face it, this linen shirt and silky pants combo really do make for the perfect summer vacation outfit and I need to be wearing this somewhere other than the white wall down the road or the local shopping mall. I guess it’s a good reason (or excuse) to start planning another holiday and with the amount of assignments I’ve had pile up once again, I’m in dire need of one. It’s also a good excuse to shop the rest of the Layer’d collection which is filled with effortless resort-style pieces.

I’ll be wearing these pants a lot during the next few months. They are so silky and almost feel like I’m wearing no pants at all. Which is the ultimate goal with clothes here. The pockets obviously scored a few extra brownie points. Anywhere to stow away some candy and I’m in love.

And can you tell I’m having a moment with olive coloured clothing at the moment. It’s an easy way for someone who has a predominantly black/grey/white wardrobe to add some colour and it’s got more of a bad-ass vibe (must be the military colour kicking in) than typical greens, but if you’re not about that army chic life, they also come in a very sleek black pair. Which I’ll also be needing of course. You know the saying, “when you like an item of clothing, buy it in every single colour available”, or something to that effect…