Blue Bohemian

posted on: Monday, October 16, 2017

You guys know I love frolicking around nature and what better way to do it, than in a blue bohemian maxi dress. Totes appropriate.

Blue bohemian maxi dress outfit editorial.

Wearing; Rosegal blue bohemian maxi dress,* Unlabelled leather sandals (from Chatuchak)

Blue maxi dress outfit.
Wild lilies in Mandurah, Western Australia.
Mandurah blogger, bohemian maxi dress with split.

Australian bush tomatoes.

Blue bohemian dress with split.
Blue bohemian dress outfit.
Mandurah blogger, lilies in the bush.

Blue maxi dress outfit.

Blue bohemian maxi dress outfit editorial.
Blue bohemian maxi dress.
Perth blogger editorial. Mandurah blogger.
Bohemian outfit editorial.
Moonstone Magic ring, moonstone ring.
Mandurah blogger, Perth fashion blogger.

In this photo:


Moonstone Magic ring,* Miraneko twist bangle*

Blue maxi dress outfit.

Honestly, this wearing this dress is something akin to draping the cheap rolls of fabric you get at Textile Traders over you and swirling around in the store before being asked to leave. You know, the fabric in random patterns you buy when you think you’re going to get all crafty and sew cushions and teddy bears with, but end up being left in a box, with all the other unfinished projects you started. I’m not that bothered though. It’s not see through (from what I know so far anyway) and the fact that it’s not amazing quality means I’m not afraid to batter it around in places like this, or wear it to the beach without the fear of salt and my own clumsiness destroying it.

So does that mean, that because it’s more of a heavy duty fabric that it’s better quality? Maybe. Maybe not. I will definitely be wearing this dress again – come summer, it will be my beach coverup – but the amount of creasing on it is unnecessary. Then again, I didn’t iron it. These photos of it are pretty much straight out of the mail bag. Minus a few scenes of me parading about at home pretending I was some fairytale antagonist flapping around in a full length gown.

But yeh, what a terrible review. In conclusion: the dress is ok. Mediocre at best.