Note Taking On Leather Boots

posted on: Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mixing some old favourites with some new taupe leather boots.

Taupe leather boots. Spanish leather boots. Outfit ideas.

Wearing: Metallicus merino wool sweater (old),* FATE faux leather mini skirt (old),* Minskat Copenhagen Mira bag, EOS Footwear Note leather boots*

Faux leather skirt. Great leather skirt.

Black sweater with grey mini skirt.
Taupe leather boots.
Perth fashion blogger.

Best leather bag ever - Minskat Copenhagen Mira leather bowler bag.

Taupe leather boots outfit idea.
Autumn outfit with leather boots.
Mandurah life style blogger.
Taupe leather boots. Eos footwear blogger.

In this photo:


EOS Footwear Note boot*

Black, great, brown outfit idea.
Black sweater with skirt & leather boots.
Mandurah fashion blogger.

Australian life & style blogger. Taupe leather boots.

Nothing quite compares to the joy felt when you first slip on a pair of brand new leather boots that don’t need breaking in. Well, maybe eating at a buffet or eating anywhere really, but in relation to getting dressed, nothing comes to mind. Of course, a chunky stacked heel & buttery soft leather helps in the comfort department. Perfect for taking out on an early Spring day stroll & cafe stop of course. The perforated leather adds a simple (but luxurious) touch of texture without going overboard & the portuguese handcrafting exudes that old fashioned quality you hardly see anymore, making them a classic style to last throughout the seasons. Point in case: here I wore them with some pretty old picks – some of my favourite pieces I’ve kept in my wardrobe through the years (this recurring leather bag is my absolute favourite ever) – & they just go. But I can see them going with more current outfit picks too (outfits posts coming) making them a perfect footwear addiction to my collection. Buying things you can only wear once doesn’t make sense if you’re anything less than a billionaire.

With limited closet space, making more calculated choices of what goes into my wardrobe has become pretty difficult, but sticking to quality pieces or items that I love to wear which can be styled with different outfits has really helped. Purple & black floor-length tulle gown I wore once when I was kid pretending to be the the Wicked Witch of the West? Probably don’t need that anymore (as much I loved the feeling of wearing it). But handcrafted leather boots from Portugal? Definitely will be needing them.

Which reminds me. I should probably sort through my clothes again. I’ve already infiltrate the S.O’s wardrobe space & I’d better cut down on it before he starts noticing…