Celestial Body – Star Print Dress

posted on: Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time to test out the quality of those Chinese online retailers again with this star print dress from Rosegal.

Mini dress & leather jacket outfit.

Wearing: Rosegal star print dress,* M&S faux leather jacket,* Adidas Superstar sneakers, Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag

Star print dress outfit.
Faux leather biker jacket from Marks & Spencer.
Adidas Superstar sneakers with dress outfit.

In this photo:


Mismatched Kmart socks, Adidas Superstar sneakers

Star print dress outfit.
Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag.
Mandurah Estuary walking trail.
Leather jacket with skater dress outfit.
Leather jacket with skater dress. Star print dress.
M&S faux leather jacket.

Head in the clouds, body in the stars. Literally.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I can, without any effort, talk your ears off about space & the universe. So it seemed quite odd that I would own very few items of clothing with stars on them.

When Rosegal offered some pieces again, I decided I would accept on the basis of what star related clothing they had available. Turns out, there is an unbelievable amount available. Two hundred & forty-three items to be precise (at time of print), & that’s just clothing. With stars on them. I didn’t even bother looking into accessories & whatever other random things they carry on that black-hole-of-an-online-shopping-website. Settled on a black mini dress because, I found one covered in stars, I needed a(nother) dress in this style & because it was pretty cheap & I wanted to road test the quality of these types of stores again. Last time, the clothes had fallen apart before I had even pulled them out of the package. This time? I’m impressed. The entire dress is hemmed & isn’t see through. Not amazing quality but for the price, it’s probably worth it. Or probably not depending on your standards. But for me, it’s comfy, not transparent & most importantly, covered in stars.

I guess they were being serious when they said they were overhauling the shady image that everyone had got used to of these sites. By the way, I’m pretty sure of these retailers (Rosegal, Dresslily, Sammydress, the list goes on & on) are under the same umbrella company.

I’ve had some pretty shocking items from these places in the past (like these shoes that were out to kill me), but from this most recent package, everything seems to be a-o-k (except one bikini top which is waaaayyy out of proportion in size to it’s bottoms). Other than that, the bikinis could definitely rival the quality of some big-name brands doing the rounds on Instagram.

Have you had an experience with these retailers recently?