2017 Hair Care Favourites

posted on: Sunday, July 23, 2017

Here are my 2017 hair care favourites so far. Some have carried from over many years passed & others are new finds which I’ve fallen for (packing-wise included) & added to my collection.

2017 hair care favourites.


This is probably the brand I’ve been using the longest consistently. I have a tendency to jump from hair care product to hair care product. because why would I want to commit myself to being tied down to one single brand when there’s a whole bunch of them out there waiting to impress me?

The answer is, because the guarantee of amazingly soft & manageable hair is fair better then ten timing a whole lot of products. Here’s a quick rundown of my favourite De Lorenzo hair care products.


Not included – my absolute favourite of the entire range – the ET Infinite Detangler, which I use for everything from keeping down flyways to styling, to adding a bit of life to my hair to detangling. Who would have guessed?

Delorenzo hair moisturiser. Moisturiser for dry damaged hair.


Revive Hair Moisturiser


This stuff is a lifesaver for reviving dead-looking, dry hair. I usually use this one in the summer when I’ve been living on the beach, my hair has been soaking in the salt water & it look like I have a bale of hay sitting atop my head instead of the magazine depicted glossy beach babe waves.

Delorenzo hair care review. Delorenzo Elements Extinguish review.


Delorenzo ET Balance review. Pre-shampoo treatment for dry hair.

ET Oil Balance


The ET Oil Balance is my go to for super greasy hair & itchy scalp. Usually my hair is pretty good but sometimes changes in the weather, using different water to wash my hair (I know, I know, my scalp is so picky) or just being out in the wind can wreak havoc on my scalp resulting in it looking like Exxon has tapped an oil rig into my head. I just spray this on my scalp, (usually where it gets the worst) about ten to fifteen minutes before washing my hair. It’s kind of like resetting my oil levels. If that makes any sense.

Delorenzo Elements Sandstorm review.


Elements Extinguish


I never apply heat to my hair without this. Since about 6 months ago…

I had used it a few times before but had never realised the actual importance of protecting hair when using heated tool on it. I don’t even straighten or blow-dry my hair that often (maybe when I’m going out but probably not) but this has now been the first step to heat styling for me. I’ve notice my hair is no longer ‘scratchy’ feeling when running a straighter down my strands.


Elements Sandstorm


I haven’t used this a great deal but it’s perfect for adding that matte texture to your hair when it feels too clean. Is that such a thing?


I like it on freshly washed hair so give my look a bit of grit. It keeps me from looking to girly & put together… If you can relate to that feeling.

Moroccanoil hair sprays review.
Moroccanoil texture clay review. Texture hair products.
Moroccanoil beach wave mousse review. How to get effortless beach waves easily.


Moroccanoil has a cult following for a reason.


Their signature Moroccanoil Original Treatment (not pictured) has rave reviews because it simply works in fixing up almost all of your neglected-hair problems.


However, their texturising products are just as appraised for their ease of adding character to lifeless hair. Here are my favourites in the texture department.

Beach Wave Mousse


Great for exactly that; adding beach wave texture to your hair. What’s not to love?


Just remember that a little goes a long way in avoiding a sticky mess.

Texture Clay


You know a product is good when your partner decides to claim it for himself.


But the real testament to how well a hair product works is when your seven year old son asks you if he can put some in his hair to create a more roughed-up tousled, piecey look.

Dry Texture Spray


This is another great one for giving your hair that gritty, I-haven’t-washed-my-hair-in-a-week-but-it-still-looks-awesome look.


But what it’s really great for is textured hairstyles. The ones that require being held in place without looking too put together.


Perfect for that effortless but not really effortless look. Not that it’s hard to apply.

Oribe hair care review. For beautiful colour hair.
Oribe shampoo review. Shampoo for beautiful colour hair.
Oribe conditioner review. Conditioner for beautiful colour hair.


Oribe is not the usual suspect in my bathroom. Firstly, it looks much to fancy & out of place to be sitting amongst my drug store shampoos & conditioners. Secondly, these two particular products are for faded & coloured hair. Neither of which I have. Alas, it works just as well on virgin hair in giving it that boost of colour depth & shine. If it works on my natural colour hair, then I can only imagine the world of difference it would make to dyed hair.


My favourite thing about Oribe though, is the scent. Something akin to being on vacation, it could remind you of spending summer on the Amalfi Coast or lounging on a private tropical beach somewhere in South East Asia. Wherever it is it reminds you of, it gives you this feeling of having left your bathroom for an opulent resort somewhere far away. This, I suspect, is the Cote d’Azur which they explain “runs through the haircare line at the lightest levels, designed so that the products in each individual’s hair ritual work together…and build upon each other.”


Very luxurious indeed.

Shampoo & Conditioner For Beautiful Color


As I mentioned above, I don’t colour my hair & haven’t done so for about ten years. I know, why does my hair look like shit, then? Well, because I never really put any effort into my hair until I chopped it all off.




Using Oribe has definitely breathed some life back into my lacklustre locks.


Would I purchase again? Definitely. Maybe not the one for coloured hair, but they do have a whole range to suit different hair.. situations…


I haven’t tried them, but their hair masks look very promising & also have great reviews.



Hair sprays that don’t leave your hair stiff. Control fly aways.
R+Co Vicious review. The best strong hold hair spray that doesn’t make your hair stiff.
R+Co Foil review. Frizz & static control for hair products.


Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray


As a child, my mom used to spray flat my hair whenever I wore it in a pony tail in an effort to make me look less scruffy. A difficult feat when your daughter is a tomboy who favoured climbing in trees, playing football & sneaking into the bush reserve over comparing Sabrina The Teenaged Witch weekly magazines with the other girls.


I hated this for one very profound reason: the hairsprays would always leave my hair with an unnatural, plastic looking sheen & as hard as a rock. I could knock on my own head & hear a hollow tapping sound. Not very reassuring in either way you looked at it. Right into my teenaged years, I would wonder why no one had invented a hairspray that didn’t leave your hair rock hard & flaking.


Well, R+Co did exactly that. This hairspray is what was missing from my ponytail child days. The can gives a blatant indication of what to expect from the spray itself; a firm hold. Without leaving your hair feeling like it could snap.


Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray


Flyways are the bane of my manageable hair life. In primary school, I went through a phase (well before the purposely messy, undone look was in) where, if my hair was tied up in any way, it had to be lying completely flat over my head without a single strand stepping out of line.


Let’s just say, my obsessive compulsive self is glad that those days of perfectly smooth hairstyles are over. But should I ever want to take a trip down memory lane, this spray is the perfect thing for it. It’s light but still manages to tame those rebel strands (& I have LOTS) for a decent amount of time. Decent being about a whole day. Bonus: it kind of just.. brushes out & doesn’t leave that tacky hairspray feel in your hair either.

TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes hair mask.
TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes hair mask.
Essano coconut leave in conditioner review.



TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Reenergise


This lives in my shower because I use it so much. I love the feeling of having ‘naturally’ manageable hair & this mask never fails to give me exactly that.


The rest of this range is pretty damn goo too. If you want soft, shiny, magazine-looking hair, then I recommend this.

Essano Coconut Milk Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner


Ever since this made its way into my home, I haven’t been able to stop using it. Which is mostly how I feel about any coconut product, but in this case, it has the added benefit of leaving my hair silky soft & shiny. I usually use it after washing my hair & towel drying it, but I also like to use it whenever I pass through the bathroom, when I sit at my desk, when my hair is feeling a little dry… You get the point.


Doesn’t hurt that it smells like tropical paradise either.


This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the hair products I use (though it doesn’t seem pretty extensive to me – someone who only just started taking proper care of their hair a few months ago) but just some new products I’ve been trying out & loving & some older products which I keep coming back to. Since the list is kind of long, the crap products didn’t make it to the post because, well.. I’m lazy. But let me know if you’d like me to review the shitty stuff too next time.


I’d love to know your favourite hair care products & anything you think is amazing that I should know about!


Until next time! (That will probably be next week. Hopefully…)