Distressed Denim & Stressed Shannon

posted on: Saturday, June 17, 2017

Procrastination in it’s most stylish form: distressed denim & camo sock boots from Missguided.

Black ripped denim skirt.

Wearing: Missguided busted hem denim mini skirt* & camouflage ankle boots,* Zara tee (similar here), Minskat Copenhagen Mira bag

Babes of missguided fashion blogger. Shopstyle Collective fashion blogger.

Exactly what I should be doing with two days left until my last exam; hanging out at Officeworks, spending a fortune on things I could probably (definitely) do without to pimp out my desk (if I have a nice workspace, I might do some work logic going on here) & prancing around town while shamelessly lapping up all the compliments on this Misguided busted denim skirt & ankle boots combo.


I just keep surpassing myself in the procrastination department. Is there a career path in procrastination? Because I think I could be really good at that. Especially if it involves receiving flattery on Missguided wardrobe choices.

Bustin’ Ass & Kickin’ Butt (is what I should be doing…)

This post is collaboration with Missguided & ShopStyle Collective however, all opinions remain honest and my own & I honestly think Missguided is an awesome, kick ass online shopping destination.

Tie front tee with clack skirt outfit.

On a more fashion related note –  how cool is this skirt? It’s kinda mini, kinda not. Perfect for the indecisive fashionista in you. I do recommend downsizing though. Either I screwed up the sizing the Missguided site or I’ve dropped an entire dress size. Just for reference – I’m an AU size 8 (which is what this skirt is) but this skirt & another dress I ordered (also AU size 8) are a little big on me. Not enough for me to bother doing anything about it, but just in case it helps you make an informed decision on your wardrobe choices.


I was getting compliments on it all day. One girl even told me she was staring at it from the other side of the shop when I walked in. So, if getting compliments (albeit, strange ones) is not a reason for you to get it, then I don’t know what is.


I only wish the weather was warm enough to wear it out every day. But since my exams will be over on Monday & I have zero social life, I guess I’ll just wear it around at home. Like the normal person I am.


Camo street style. Knot front tee with black denim skirt.
Affordable quality outfit.
Sock bootie trend in camo. Kylie Jenner style outfit.

In this photo:


Missguided camouflage peep-toe ankle boots*

Black ripped demin skirt outfit.
Distressed denim mini skirt.

Missguided outfit style.

Sock boot trend. Sock ankle boots.
Camo print ankle boots. Camo print sock boots.
#babesofmissguided Missguided style outfit.

White knot tee with black denim skirt outfit.