Low Key Colouring At Work – Khaki Office Wear

posted on: Monday, May 29, 2017

Kicking ass (& playing ninja) in khaki office wear.

Modern style khaki office wear outfit.

Wearing: Forcast Antonia tie neck knit* & Ariana buckle cropped pants,* Boohoo ankle boots,* Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag

Stylish modern workwear.
Khaki buckled crop pants. Khaki trousers.
Black leather ankle boots. Peep-toe ankle boots.

In this photo:


Me not knowing how to tie shoes with extra long laces…

Boohoo ankle boots*

How to look stylish at the office.
Office clothing, stylish workwear.
Khaki office wear clothing from Forcast Official.

Tie neck sweater top office wear.
Black & khaki office wear.
Forcast Official workwear outfits.

Loving all of these pieces from Forcast because:

a) they’re damn stylish &;

b) they’re so easy to transition from day to night & anything that makes life easier is welcome into mine.

My favourite piece from this collection? The Antonia tie neck top, of course. Why? Because the neck tie part is thick like a scarf & also because I can tie it around my entire head & pretend I’m a ninja (this I have actually been doing). Probably not what the design team had in mind, but how many knits do you know that can do that? Probably heaps, but this is the only one I’ve met. I’m also pretty sure it can be tied different ways, but I haven’t figured them out just yet.

Thought I would double up on the tie detail & pair the knit with these pants (which are très comfortable FYI) & squeeze on some lace up booties (so we’re really tripling up on those ties) to undo the look a teeny little bit & we have a cosy & modern office look. Which I’ll probably be repeating a lot this winter.

Have an awesome week!~