2017 Bathroom Favourites – Featuring The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Range

posted on: Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A little tour of some of my bathroom favourites for sensitive skin including The Body Shop almond milk & honey range.

Bathroom cabinet essentials. The Body Shop almond milk & honey range.

Best body lotion for sensitive dry skin.

Sensitive skin isn’t something I particularly enjoy. Or rather, enjoy at all.


When I was younger, my skin (especially that covering my face) would flare up over the slightest disturbance. Now I’m no longer a high school student & can afford quality products, it’s not so bad but when winter rolls around, it’s all itchy, dry, flaking skin & me laying in bed eating bowls upon bowls of instant noodles.


& trust me. No one needs to see any of that.

& while not much can help in the instant noodle department, I do have a few bathroom favourites which help me combat all those not-so-fun dry skin problems & right now, the top contender is The Body Shop’s new Almond Milk & Honey range which has been created in mind especially for those with sensitive skin who need something gentler.


What’s in my bathroom cabinet.
Bathroom favourites 2017.
Shower caddy favourites. How to organise your shower.

In this photo:


What my shower caddy currently looks like…


Not visible: the mess of larger products on the floor

The Body Shop almond milk & honey range review.

I love a really super foamy body wash but I can’t help but think of all the chemicals that have gone into making it. I mean, rain water doesn’t foam up when you swish it around, because it’s completely, 100% natural. Almost the same goes for the ocean, except unfortunately, you can see where the chemicals are because they tend to accumulate & foam up together. Especially along shore lines or places where there are a lot of people or sea vehicles. Those products that really foam up also tend to dry out your skin which is why I’m really loving this shower cream. It bubbles up slightly but not enough for you (or maybe just me) to freak out about & you can really feel is hydrating & moisturising your skin. Did I mention the scent is really relaxing too? When I do want a little bit more foaminess though, The Body Shop almond milk & honey bath milk does the job in the shower just as well.

Shower scrub for sensitive skin.
Best shower scrub for sensitive skin.
The Body Shop almond milk & honey range.

& for those days you need a bit more of a deeper cleaning? The Almond Milk & Honey exfoliating cream scrub is a really gentle way to slough off all of that dry flaky skin while adding moisture at the same time.

Best foaming facial wash.

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My absolute favourite face wash – SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser & my partner’s Nivea Men Extra White Mud Foam

When it comes to the skin on my face, I’m even more careful about what makes contact there. I’m a die hard fan of SK-II (is that even a thing??) & have been using it religiously for the past three years now but I have heard that your skin does gets dependant on it. Not can, does.


& I’m not sure why I really care because it’s been working wonders for my skin but I still like to change things up outside of my SK-II routine & add some other products in there too, just so my skin can still tolerate other stuff. A couple of those products I love are the Klara Cosmetics Reset gel which you may or may not have read about before on this blog. In short, it “resets” your skin by giving you a deep exfoliating clean without any water. But I still like to wash my face after.


Another product I’m wasting by liberally spraying on my face every chance I get is the Wilde Hydra Mist which hydrates by, you guess it, misting your face!  It’s also perfect for travelling since it fits the carry on specifications & has been tested on Australian flight attendants to make sure it hydrates while in those dry cabins. The blend of orange, cedar wood & peppermint isn’t a bad thing either.

Klara Cosmetics reset gel, Alpha H liquid gold. Unique beauty products from Australia.
Wilde Hydra Mist, organic sea kelp, aloe vera & organ oil.
Wilde Skin Care healing x refreshing Hydra Mist. How to stay hydrated on planes.
Scentio double milk triple whitening shower cream with glutathione.

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Scentio Double Milk Triple White bath cream & The Body Shop Calming & Caring bath milk

Bathroom favourites for sensitive skin. Best hydrating lotion.

On my bathroom vanity, I like to keep things simple because, well, it means less cleaning for me & also makes it easier to find things.


I keep the Jurlique rosewater balancing mist (mostly because it looks really nice there & it smells amazing),  The Body Shop almond almond milk & honey body butter to moisturise my skin after showering & a Wilde body melt for those days I need a little extra hydration.

The Body Shop almond milk & honey range for sensitive skin.

On the other side I keep whatever hand wash is on special that week (this one is Dettol watermelon & cucumber) & The Body Shop almond milk & honey calming & protecting hand cream because hand wash is one of those things that just dries your skin out & I also have a weird obsession with keeping my hands smooth & hydrated.

Wilde Skin care practical x nourishing Body Melt. Lime & coconut.
Tropical scented candles Perth. Fruity candles Perth. Handmade soy candles in Perth.
Shabchique Perth candles. Tropical Summer - coconut, milk, banana & pineapple candles.

I also like to keep some candles in the bathroom because

(a) they smell nice &

(b) they smell nice.


They’re also great for relieving stress which is such a big cause for problem skin which is also why there’s candles all over my place. My absolute favourite candles at the moment are from Perth’s very own Shabchique candles. This one is Tropical Summer. It’s also in danger of being eaten by me (hey, it’s soy, it’s edible)* because it’s made up of banana, coconut, milk & pineapple scents & if you can imagine what that smells like, then you’d understand why there’s bits of soy wax stuck in between my teeth.


You can tell Haley of Shabchique really puts her passion into the candles she makes because they are honestly some of the most amazing candles I’ve ever smelled. Check out her online store & see if you can resist the urge of buying every single candle on there.


*please don’t eat candles. I can’t take that kind of responsibility.

Best soy candles Perth. Tropical candles made in Perth.
TIGI Bed Head shampoo & condition urban anti-dotes.

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The Body Shop almond milk & honey shower cream, Sweetheart manuka honey coffee scrub, Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes shampoo & conditioner, Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb shower gel

This post is in collaboration with The Body Shop Australia.