Shifting Down A Gear – Bright Summer Shift Dress

posted on: Monday, January 9, 2017

Desperately trying to inject some colour into my summer wardrobe with a bright summer shift dress, after realising just how monochrome my wardrobe actually is.

Bright print shift dress.

Wearing: Harvest Lane Wild Hearts Stella dress,* Adidas Superstar sneakers, Minskat Copenhagen Isobel bag,* ZeroUV cat-eye sunglasses*

Bright summer outfit.
Affordable cat-eye sunglasses.
Emma & Roe charm bracelet jewellery.

In this photo:


Emma & Roe charms & bracelet*, Minskat Copenhagen Isobel bag*

Bird print dress.
Blue bird print shift dress.


Blue summer outfit.
Harvest Lane fashion Melbourne.
Cat-eye sunnies.
Small blue leather bag. Mindset Copenhagen.
Summer brights shift dress.

Bright blue summer outfit. 80s style summer outfit.

A quick glance at my wardrobe & you’d probably get the idea that I like black, a lot.. & I do. But I also really like love colours & somewhere along the way on this internet style journey I seemed to have had forgotten that. Maybe it was an unconscious attempt at keeping my Instagram that clean #minimalist theme or the fact it’s simply a lot easier to put together outfit sans colour but over the past few months, I’ve slowing been drawn back to bright colours & bold prints. Browsing through some amazing retro artists on instagram, I’m starting to go back to those 80s styles patterns & 90s styles cuts I’ve always loved & what better way to introduce them both together than with a bright summer shift dress from Harvest Lane? I actually can’t think of a way.

Super comfortable shift shape, fun, bright print & cute birds; I’m probably going to be wearing every day for the next week. Or two.