Pink Satin Off The Shoulder Top & A New Year

posted on: Monday, January 2, 2017

Is it just me (or this pink satin off the shoulder top) that makes this year really feel like a fresh one?

Black & pink style outfit from Boohoo.

Wearing: Boohoo pink satin off the shoulder top,* Boohoo slash leg denim jeggings,* Boohoo mule slingback wedge,* Dylan Kain Birkin belt, Minskat Copenhagen Mira bag, ZeroUV aviator sunglasses*

Pink satin off the shoulder crop top.

Pink satin off the shoulder top. Pink satin boho top.

I remember sitting in the end of school assemblies during my years at primary school & thinking “I can’t believe the year’s finally over. At this rate, I’ll never make it to 13”, & now at the end of every year, all I can think of is how much faster time seems to pass & how “at this rate, I’ll never be able to start my own colony on Gliese 581-d” because you know, I’ll most likely be dead before I even leave this solar system & also because I seem to think I achieve so much less as each year goes by.


Which isn’t really fair because I think we become so much more critical of ourselves as we get older. So with that being said, I think it’s pretty appropriate that my new years resolution* is to plan ahead & follow through with things. What are your resolutions for kicking 2017 in the ass?


I don’t usually say things like this on my blog since it seems to have evolved into a mostly sarcastic & somewhat cynical place but I’m truly eternally grateful for all the visitors to this little spot on the world wide web (even the haters who provide me with amusement) for your support & making me want to keep following through with things & I wish you all the amazing things for 2017. Happy New Year!





*But remember, we don’t need to wait for a new year, or the start of another week or a sign from above to start getting our shit together. Let’s start doing things now instead of waiting for the perfect moment.

New Year’s Resolution?

It’s still 1920 x 1080

Dylan Kain belt. Affordable black & gold belt. Pink satin off the shoulder top from Boohoo.
Affordable oversized sunnies.
Ripped jeggings. Destroyed jeggings from Boohoo.
Clog wedges. Summer style footwear.