Keeping Up With The Time – JORD Watches

posted on: Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The older you get, the harder it is to keep up with just about everything. Looming deadlines call for simple, relaxed outfits from Glue Store & JORD watches to keep track of the ever elusive time.

Wooden watch Jord watches review. Glue Store outfit.

Wearing: Staple the Label shirt* & One by One Teaspoon Shorts* via Glue Store, Spurr heels, JORD Frankie watch*

Simple, effortless boyfriend shirt outfit.
One by One Teaspoon shorts.

One Teaspoon ripped shorts.

Oversized shirt outfit. Gluestore review.
Gluestore review. Boyfriend skirt outfit.

Australian fashion blogger editorial. JORD watches.

High waisted black denim ripped shorts.

Loose, oversized button up shirt.
Perth fashion blogger outfit.
Jord Watches wooden watch with navy blue face.

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In this photo:


JORD Frankie wood watch*

Sunday style button up shirt outfit. JORD watches.

A few months ago, I let time catch up to me. & just like how everyone knows you should never wake a sleeping baby, you never let time catch up to you.

But some things hinder you on your race against time. Work, study, sickness, children. The list goes on… & once time has caught up to you, things start piling up. Which is precisely what happened to me. I thought I had gotten so far ahead of time that I slacked off for a couple of weeks & now I’m laying under a pile of post it notes with never ending lists of things to do. That’s not true. It’s something closer to lying under a pile of junk food wrappers but you get the point.

Once time has flipped it’s finger at you, you need some serious help in the form of almost anything. For me, that’s been even more coffee than I usually drink, wearing a watch (& by the way, how awesome is my JORD wood watch?) instead of being on my phone all the time, actually putting my phone down away from where I’m working & simple outfits that require minimal brain processes like this one from Glue Store which, by the way has some great women’s & denim staples. Something I’ve been relying on heavily for the past few weeks. Something else I’ve been relying on heavily is my seven year old son & with the help of my little photographer who took these photos for me, I’ll be back on top of things in no time.*

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the JORD watch giveaway!

*But don’t quote me on that.