Ditching The Cotton For Bamboo Clothing

posted on: Thursday, November 17, 2016

#Ditchthecotton in favour of super soft & luxurious feeling bamboo clothing comfort wear.

Bamboo Monkey clothing - #ditchthecotton campaign.

Wearing: Zara top, Bamboo Monkey Urban sweat pant*, Zara top, Minskat Copenhagen Mira bag* (the website has had a great makeover so check it out), Adidas Superstar sneakers

ZeroUV sunglasses review. Bamboo Monkey clothing #ditchthecotton
Comfortable bamboo clothing.

Knotted shirt outfit.

Black leather bowler bag, sweat pants outfit, white knotted tee.
Casual sweat pants outfit with white knotted t-shirt & black leather bag & sneakers.

Adidas Superstars sneakers with black sweat pants.

Clay & gold necklace pendant.

Best quality bamboo clothing. Is bamboo clothing comfortable?
Bamboo Monkey #ditchthecotton campaign. Quality bamboo active wear clothing.

Nothing to see here; just me wandering aimlessly around the carpark. Is there food around here?

Emilia Rossi jewellery designs.

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Emilia Rossi jewellery gold bar necklace pendant*

Casual weekend outfit look with sweat pants.
Bamboo material sweat pants.
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ZeroUV sunglasses*

Minskat Copenhagen Mira bag - black leather bowler bag.

Much to my own dismay, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Much to my delight, exams are over & I finally have a whole heap of time to do absolutely shit all. Or get back to this blog. Either one.
Don’t worry, I’ll be attending to this blog much more & there will be many changes coming over the next couple of months (hopefully). Think, content that’s actually useful, tips & tricks & those shopping wish list collages you guys seem to love so much & other moire lifestyle-orientated things, but more on that later. Of course, this all depends on if I can remember what I just said.

Anyway, on to the outfit. Meet my new favourite bamboo sweat pants from Bamboo Monkey made of 70% bamboo & 100% style. The most flattering pair of sweat pants I’ve ever owned (there’s a phrase you don’t hear every day) & the most comfortable too. I mean, if there ever was an appropriate pair of sweats to wear out in public this is them but I’m still not opposed to walking out in my pyjamas so I’m not sure exactly how much that says..

Did you know though that just one kilo of cotton uses 20,000 litres of water which is about 80,000 standard glasses of water?? or that bamboo takes in almost five times the amount of green gases & produces 30% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees? I mean, is there anything bamboo can’t do. It’s kinda like the tree version of the versatile potato (is there any food you can’t make with them? Umm no.)
It looks beautiful as an alternative to timber flooring & it tastes amazing which is all I really need to know, but that may just be the asian in me. They’re also unbelievably comfortable & soft. I can’t be the only one who though wearing bamboo attire would leave me covered in splinters, can I? Well, no splinters or wood chips so far.

If there’s an easy way to do your part in preserving this earth then wearing bamboo clothing is probably the easiest. Did I mention how faltering these pants are? Bamboo material is quite heavy – well these pants were really heavy & quite chunky, so I thought they would bulk up my frame even more but they are strangely flattering & they even have a bunch of real pockets. Because those fake pockets are just annoying as hell.