What’s Happening At Floreat Forum

posted on: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Guess I’ll be moving into (out to?) the new outdoor forum at Floreat Forum…

House kitchenware from Floreat Forum.

Davvero Caffe e Cucina antipasto board with buffalo mozzarella, San Daniele prosciutto, cherry tomatoes & coccoli.

Meet me at Floreat…

Is what I’ll be saying all summer long now there’s a new outdoor forum at the local shopping centre.


& it’s filled with food.


Honestly, I had never even been to Floreat Forum until last Friday where we were invited to a special Summer Long Table Luncheon in their new outdoor setting. I kinda thought it was just another shopping centre, just like the ones near my place. In a sense, it is. But with this great outdoor forum which I can see myself hanging out at (& probably everyone else in Perth) all summer long.

Keep scrolling to see a taste of what we were treated to & what’s going on at Floreat Forum.

Things to do in Floreat, Perth.

Spring & summer fashion at Floreat Forum. Floreat Forum review.

Great antipasto board in Perth, Western Australia.
Models serving entrees at the Summer Long Table Luncheon.

Models showcasing the latest spring & summer fashions available at Floreat Forum also served us entrees of deep fried tuscan bread, creamy Burrata mozzarella Dop, San Daniele Prosciutto, juicy cherry tomatoes and coccoli from Davvero Caffè e Cucina

Cute food & drink cart. Outdoor forum at Floreat Forum.

Assorted sushi by The Sushi, Floreat, Perth.

Floreat Forum, Perth. Outdoor forum.
Summer Long Table Luncheon at Floreat Forum.
Summer Long Table Luncheon.

The luncheon was a showcase of the best fashions & food available at Floreat Forum. Styled by Mikey Walton from Stylespiration, the whole event perfectly encompassed spring & summer, with greenery from Floreat Forum Florist & Garden Centre & a light salmon & salad dish from The Boulevard Hotel for the main. Can you see why I need to move in there yet?

Spring & summer fashions at Floreat Forum, Perth.
Summer fashion in Perth. Perth’s beat kept shopping secret.

ABOVE: models bringing in entrees from Davvero Caffeè e Cucina & showing the guests the Spring/Summer fashions available at Floreat Forum

Davvero Caffe e Cucina in Floreat, Perth.

In this photo:


Davvero Caffeè e Cucina antipasti board with Buffalo mozzarella drop air freight from Italy, San Daniele prosciutto, cherry tomatoes & Coccoli deep fried tuscan bread

Outdoor forum at Floreat Forum Perth, Summer Long Table Luncheon.

Assortment of Coffee Club cakes & desserts at Floreat Forum.
Flourish cafe, Ethiopian cold brew coffee.
Davvero Caffe e Cucina antipasto board review.
Thaitalian & The Fashann Monster.
Perth bloggers & influencer event.

ABOVE: Being champagne fancy with my brother (sometimes photographer of TFM) & also making new friends. On the left is Monique of Sweetheart Beauty & on the right is Addelyn of Minnee Me

Perth spring & summer fashion.

Davvero Caffe e Cucina antipasto board with buffalo mozzarella, San Daniele prosciutto, cherry tomatoes & coccoli.

Grilled salmon in Perth from The Boulevard at Floreat Forum.
The Studio models at the Floreat Forum Summer Long Table Luncheon.

& can you tell I’m kind of obsessed with this antipasti board from Davvero Caffeè e Cucina (disguising a picture of the food under the pretence of documenting the model & her summer fashion outfit)? As a self proclaimed prosciutto-hater, I was doing just fine before I tried this cured meat for the first time in about twenty years & realised I actually need to buy this very expensive, salty meat every week. Don’t even get me started on the buffalo mozzarella…


But I mean, if you live in Perth, you might as well just head over there because I haven’t yet found adequate equivalents (I’ve been buying different prosciutto & mozzarella every second day to no avail) so I’ll probably just set up my bed over there.


In all seriousness though, the fashion on show has really gotten me in the mood for light & flowing pieces. Am I making you northern-hemispherians jealous yet?

Fashion & Food Meet

In this photo:


Grilled salmon with a light potato, green bean, black olive & soft egg salad from The Boulevard 


Spring event in Perth. Floreat Forum outdoor forum.
Floreat Forum review.

Perth fashion shopping destinations.

Thank you to Floreat Forum, all the vendors involved & Stylespiration for having The Fashann Monster as a guest at the Floreat Forum Summer Long Table Luncheon.