Weekend Casual – Faux Leather Jacket

posted on: Monday, September 26, 2016

I’ve hit an all time high when it comes to covering my lounging-around-the-house-clothes with chic pieces like this faux leather jacket. Or is that an all time low?

Casual weekend outfit idea.

Wearing: Marks & Spencer London faux leather jacket*, Unlabelled midi dress, ZeroUV flat top aviator sunglasses*, Adidas Superstar sneakers, Minskat Copenhagen Mira Bag

Marks & Spencer London black leather jacket.
Mandurah fashion blogger.

The Cut, Dawesville, golf course.

Black & great casual autumn outfit.
Wild flowers at Pyramids beach, Mandurah.
Best black leather bowler bag.

In this photo:


Minskat Copenhagen Mira bag

Black leather bag with grey mist dress.
Minskat Copenhagen Mira bag with Adidas Superstars.

The beach in Dawesville, Mandurah.

Geraldton wax flowers on the beach in Mandurah.
Grey stretch jersey midi dress with Adidas superstar.

ZeroUV sunglasses outfit.

Perth fashion blogger.
Black & grey autumn outfit, black leather jacket.

Dawesville, Mandurah.

Pyramids beach in Mandurah, Western Australia.

Black leather jacket with casual dress.

& who would have though that it would be windy at the beach? Well, not me. Surprising since I spend so much time there. But somehow, the wind surpassed my brain because I decided to wear a dress with enough to warmth to probably keep an ice block frozen. Actually, it was pretty warm, epically considering I found it in a Thai market. I really though Australia was done with winter – the past few days have been intermittent with warm sunshine – but the weather likes to just keep us guessing. Should I wear a dress out this morning & return home with pneumonia or bulk up clothes that could rival a sumo-suit & die from heat stroke? Hmmm, both tantalising choices…

Which should I go with this week?