Notorious Wrapper – Sarong Wrap

posted on: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Celebrating the beginning of warmer days with a sarong wrap.

Vintage style floral print sarong from Blossom Days Collection - Bohemian Traders.

Wearing: Violet & I crop top, Bohemian Traders Blossom Days sarong wrap (worn as pants)*, Unlabelled sandals

Perth life & style blogger.
Australian fashion editorial.


Ever since the end of summer, I’ve been waiting uncharacteristically patiently for the sun to grace our Western Australian skies once again.


Finally, the days of intermittent sunlight & warmth have arrived & soon I’ll be spending every spare minute at the oceans feet.

But for now, frolicking through hay fever ridden fields of Australian flora & weeds will have to do…

Vintage floral print sarong wrap.

Creative direction – The Fat Shann Monster, Photography – William Valle-pezzanelli

In collaboration with Bohemian Traders

Flower print vintage style fashion outfit.
Floral sarong wrap pants.



True to my style, once I received this pretty, oversized sarong wrap in the mail, my first concern was “how do I make this less girly & how do I not look like my mom?”


The answer? Turn them into harem style wrap pants. Sarongs can be worn so many different ways but I definitely did not want to look like the spitting image of my Asian mother who thinks it’s appropriate to answer the door in her traditional Thai sarongs, so I decided to wrap them up as pants & if you knot the ends tight enough, you never have to worry about them coming undone or loosening up & you’re free to frolic as crazily through the forest as you please.


Not sure how to wrap it as pants (or any other way besides throwing it over your shoulders as a cape?) No problem. Youtube sorts out most of these problems.


How to wear a sarong.
Moonstone ring set in silver from Moonstone Magic shop.


Along with labradorite, moldavite & turquoise, moonstone is one of my favourite stones. With a rainbow adularescence shine across (these photos do no justice), moonstone is said to boost coincidence & synchronicity throughout your life & even if you don’t believe in that kind of thing, it still makes a beautiful piece to wear. Get this one from the moonstone jewellery shop called Moonstone Magic.

Australian fashion blogger vintage floral fashion editorial.
Perth fashion blogger. Australian fashion blogger.

Forest green crop top & floral sarong.

Larimar ring & moonstone ring.

Forest green crop top. Australian bush editorial.

In this photo:


Pollen & hay fever giving me an incipient migraine

Blue Lupin weeds. Australian sprint time.
Australian wattle.

Ways to wear a sarong. How to wear a sarong as pants.

How to tie a sarong like pants.
Spring season in Australia - blue lupin.

Vintage floral editorial. Vintage style outfit.