Outskirts Of Feminine

posted on: Sunday, July 3, 2016

The last stop on the ladylike bus route is where you’ll find girls wearing midi skirts with sneakers & women drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle while putting their hair into rollers.

Floral vintage style box skirt.

Wearing: Review Antoinette top* & Black Cherry skirt*, Adidas Superstar sneakers, Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag

Midi skirt with sneakers.

How to toughen up a girlie outfit.
Review Australia floral midi skirt outfit.

Embellished peplum top.

Perth life & style blogger.
Floral box skirt street style.
Floral print vintage style skirt.
Floral midi skirt with Adidas sneakers.
Perth fashion blogger. Australian fashion blogger.
Review Australia floral midi skirt.

Street style vintage floral skirt.

& this is probably the most feminine you’re ever going to see me dress. I clearly have no idea how to be a woman & so I couldn’t resist throwing on a pair of sneakers to tame the girlie-ness but it obviously wasn’t enough when the first words out of my boyfriend’s mouth were “are you auditioning for Grease?”

Not unless it includes bacon. Which reminds me: I did score a kilo of bacon yesterday for $3 so I’m gonna attend to that while you guys leave a comment & let me know how you like to toughen up overtly girly outfits & any amazing bacon recipes you may know of…