How To: Organise Your Makeup

posted on: Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to organise your makeup. Like you’re Kim Kardashian.

Ettica Cosmetic Dream Cube review.

Ettica Cosmetic Cube. Kim Kardashian makeup organiser.

Being able to own a shit tonne of makeup & being able to locate that exact angled eyeliner bush at the same time seemed to be a luxury only the likes of Kim Kardashian could achieve.


Up until a couple of weeks ago, I thought I had makeup storage down to a fine art: throw it all in a sturdy cardboard box & rummage around until you pick something out. Something of a lucky dip for the face. Sometimes you’d actually get lucky, sometimes you’d end up resembling a somewhat manic clown.


& a lot of the time you’d pick out a bunch of shattered pressed powders & bent out of shape makeup brushes.


The whole box system was working fine until my boyfriend upended my whole box looking for hair wax (I don’t even have any) & probably food, when I realised that in that mess laying on the bed was about 90% of products I didn’t even know I owned.


& maybe a bunch of candies I had hidden in there & had forgotten about.

The Etiquette Of Beauty Organisation

I don’t like wasting things (especially food), so I began a search for better makeup mess relief method than the box system & came across Ettica Cosmetic Cubes.


Offering sizes for the modest makeup collection to a giant Dream Cube the makeup junkie, Ettica has pretty much all your makeup organisation sorted. Literally. I went for the Dream Cube myself, the biggest cosmetic cube they have on offer at a gargantuan 38 x 38 centimetres because I thought I had a lot of makeup to store. I may have overestimated by… a lot… This thing had my entire makeup collection sorted with a shitload of room to spare. But at least there’s room to expand my collection now, or even store some snack in there? I’m pretty sure it’s even bigger than Kim K’s famous makeup organiser.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum full coverage foundation.
Scout Cosmetics foundation.

Scout Cosmetics Mineral Fluid foundation

How to organise your makeup.
How to organise your makeup before & after.



Lipstick holder.

Both Quality & Quantity

The Ettica Cosmetic Cube isn’t the flimsy kind of makeup organiser you’d find in stores at your local Kmart or Target. It’s heavy. So heavy that I had to wait for the postman to leave before attempting to struggle it into the house.


The acrylic they’re made of is thick & durable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to look after it. Abrasive surfaces can scratch acrylic easily so I bought some cheap non-slip matting ($3.50 for a meter) to sit in a couple of drawers where I put my brushes & where I keep sharp things like tweezers & nail clippers.

Ettica recommends a Novus polish kit to keep your cube in top condition, but even a mild soapy water mix & a lint free cloth will do the trick.


The Ettica cosmetic cubes even come with the option of dividers to take your cosmetic organising to the next level & a choice of drawer handles – original or bling?

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In this photo:


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Poni Cosmetics contouring kit.

Poni Cosmetics brow brush & brow powder

Largest makeup organiser.
Vicktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume.

Ettica Cosmetic Cube. Dream Cube.

Watercolour makeup brushes.
OPI Infinite Shine.
Therapy hand cream & cuticle oil. Manicare nail file.

Aromatherapy Co Therapy Range hand cream

Aromatherapy Co Therapy Range cuticle oil

Manicare glass nail file

Nude By Nature Pointed Precision brush

Real Techniques stippling brush

Ettica Dream Cube review.
Organising your makeup.

Circa Home ginger & ylang ylang candle.

How to organise your makeup collection.
Organising your makeup collection.
Organising makeup.
Ettica Makeup box review.
How to store makeup.
Lipstick holder.

Mother Pucker

Lipstick hoarder or lipgloss collector? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can find any single lip product you own with an Ettica lip holder. You can sit it on your dresser, bathroom counter, window sill, backseat of the car, wherever the hell you like. Or you can fit it neatly on top of a Cosmetic Cube for ease of visibility.


I thought I had a lot of lip products but having them visible, all shades at once, I realise my collection is quite small. But it’s good to know there’s always room for more.


Even more so, I would never even be able to remember to put anything on my lips before going out because I’d forget I even owned any thanks to the bottomless box method. The downside is that now I have no excuse for not putting them to use anymore.

Klara Cosmetics matte liquid lipstick.

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips matte liquid lipstick



Klara Cosmetics liquid matte lipstick. Lipgloss holders.

How to organise your makeup. Ettica Makeup Box.
Beautyblender makeup sponges.
Blendercleanser Solid makeup brush cleaner.

Beautyblender Blendercleanser solid

Lipstick holder from Ettica Cosmetic Cubes.
Vicktor Rolf Flowerbomb watercolour.
Chloe Parfum.
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh.

Ettica Cosmetic Cube review.

The Verdict?


I’m obsessed with my Dream Cube.

Putting on makeup takes a lot less time because I can easily find everything & I can even remember to use those sad products that got lost at the bottom of that cardboard box. The clear arcrylic means you can even see what you’re looking for before even opening the drawers.

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, I wouldn’t even hesitate to move all your products into an Ettica Cube & even if you only have a small collection, a smaller would house everything quickly & neatly for perfect #makeupmessrelief!


P.S. Check out their instagram @etticamakeupbox to see just how amazing their makeup organisation is.

Makeup organisation.