Did You Gamiss Me?

posted on: Sunday, July 24, 2016

Not just an appropriately excellent pun, Gamiss also are a one stop shop for affordable & trendy.

Games clothing review.

Wearing: Gamiss faux leather jacket*, Zara tee, Freddy high rise jeans, Gamiss lace-up heels lace-up heels*

Lace up heels with jeans outfit.
Faux crop leather jacket outfit.

Freddy Jeans high rise review.

Mandurah palms.
Freddy high rise jeans.


Mandurah accomodation.

Games faux leather jacket.
Mandurah accomodation.
Dylan Kain bag.


In this photo:


Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag

Black leather with gold accessories.

In this photo:


ThePeachBox Jewellery*



Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag.
Lace up heels from Gamiss.
Mandurah beachside accomodation.


In this photo:


Gamiss lace-up heels*

Cropped leather jacket outfit.

All puns aside, did you guys miss me? My blog decided to play itself &/or go on a short holiday which means I now have an overflowing box of things I need to get through posting. I’m unfortunately still around & not going anywhere.

First on the list: this faux leather jacket & lace-up heels from Gamiss. Thought they would take forever to arrive (well, I was hoping they would since my blog was essentially dead) but they came surprisingly fast.

& who knew any type of pointed heel shoe could be comfortable? Well these ones are damn comfy for heels. Check out their Facebook or if you’re impatient like me, head over to their site & start shopping now.

I would, but I’ve got a pile of Zappos next to me I need to eat. Oh, & that box of stuff I need to photograph…