Set & Match: The Ten Way Necklace

posted on: Friday, June 24, 2016

Why buy ten necklaces when you can buy one that does it all?


Black crystal bead necklace.

Jewellery fashion editorial still life.

If there was an award for the most inconsistent blogger, I’d probably receive it.


If there was an award for the most versatile piece of jewellery, it’s most likely go to the Ten Way Necklace or you know, those candy necklaces.. Because jewellery you can eat is pretty damn versatile.


But not as versatile as the Ten Way Necklace from Maria Nicola which can actually be worn more than ten ways & more than just a s a necklace.


I’m not gonna lie & say I wasn’t disappointed I couldn’t eat it (not without breaking my teeth & choking anyway) but I am impressed with the plethora of ways this clever little piece can do.


& the magnetic clasps? Apart from entertaining my son & I for hours, they make it so much more easier to put on the jewellery & change it around.


I’m surprised no one thought of this genius idea sooner.

How to wear a necklace ten different ways.
Maria Nicola #10waynecklace in crystal.

Travel a lot? The Ten Way Necklace is your perfect companion. It doesn’t talk, it won’t get up & leave you & won’t object when you want to visit a truly boring tourist location.


& instead of losing your all your shit overseas (good bye all those pairs of gold hoop earrings I manage to lose every year..) Now I can take one necklace that serves as ten for almost any situation that could arise, (I’m sure it would be suitable to wear during hours of wandering through the jungle lost. It happened once)…


& ten’s not enough ways to wear it? How about some additional pendants for that wow factor? A crystal tassel for a more formal setting? Or a Swarovski crystal for a glam moment?

No fumbling around with clicking in tiny clasps. Just clip & go.

Ten Way Necklace from Nicola Maria.

Versatile jewellery.
How to wear a necklace ten different ways.
Chole perfume.

In this photo:


Chloé Eu De Parfum

Magnetic clasp necklace & bracelets.

Maria Nicola jewellery.

If you’re a jewellery wearer, I’d definitely recommend a Ten Way Necklace.


It really is the most versatile accessory (besides the candy necklace) & can be worn with almost anything. The designs are simple enough to wear with a statement outfit, so as not to take attention away from the clothes but also beautiful enough to take you from day to night & the extra pendants (which can be purchased separately) are also perfect if you need a little bit more of a statement for those special occasions.


For a necklace you can’t eat, it does pretty damn well.

#10waynecklace to save money on accessorising.

Fashion on a budget. A necklace with more than one way to wear it.

Did I mention you can wear it as a bracelet too??


Check out the app to see all the different ways to wear the #10waynecklace!

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