Winter Layers Of Possibility

posted on: Monday, May 16, 2016

Winter layers the easy way.

Winter street style.

Wearing: Metalicus Wilton cocoon cardigan*, Metalicus Simmon’s high low jumper*, Metalicus Texas jeggings*, Boohoo boots* (old), Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag

Khaki jeggings & chunky knit cardigan outfit.
Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag.

Layers of possibility with Metalicus.

ThePeachBox coil melt ring.
Khaki jeans outfit.

How to layer for winter.

Khaki jeggings.
Chunky knit cardigan.

Lace up black ankle boots.

Perth fashion blogger outfit.

Khaki jean jeggings.
Layering in winter with Metalicus.

Chunky knit cardigan layers over jeggings & black jumper.

I know how to layer food on my plate, ten flavours of ice cream onto a single cone (haven’t even worked at an ice cream store ever!), a plethora of fillings into a sandwich & a variety of different candies into my mouth. You could say I’m a master of layering. Food. Just layering food. Layering clothes though, requires a bit more refinery & well, skill. Unless you want to look like you’ve been playing see who can put the most clothes on in twenty seconds gam with your ten year old cousin. Layering isn’t usually comfortable either, which is why I usually prefer the pyjama approach.

Layering with Metalicus though is a whole other ball game. It in fact, requires no effort or skill at all because all their pieces have that effortless air about them. Now I sound like I’m talking about a french girl. But yes, if you must. The french girl of the style world, Metalicus has that certain je ne sais quoi that means you can layering all of their pieces together & not look like a snowman.
& if you do end up looking like one (not sure how anyone could mess up layering with Metalicus pieces though..), at least you’ll be a damn good looking one.

It also might mean that you probably shouldn’t dress yourself.