I Do Loaf A Good Shoe

posted on: Sunday, May 8, 2016

& thus the pun that could go either way was born.

Zensu loafers, Perth blogger.

Wearing: Zara top, Boohoo coat*, Unlabelled boyfriend jeans, Zensu Hiat loafers*, Minskat Copenhagen Mira bag

Zensu shoes, minimal outfit.

The perfect black leather bag.
Australian minimalist fashion blogger.
Modern, minimalist loafers, Perth fashion blogger.

In this photo:


Zensu Hiat loafers

Minskat Copenhagen Mira bowler bag & loafers outfit.

Ripped boyfriend jeans & loafers.
Minimalist autumn outfit.

Draw string destroyed boyfriend jeans.

Zensu blogger collaboration.

Just to clarify (if you don’t speak fluent pun), I love these shoes. These are the shoes make me look instantly put together & important & hide all kinds of sins from the night before.

Who would have know that I just rolled out of bed smelling of sauvignon blanc semillon when I’m wearing these? No one, because I actually rolled out of bed smelling of pizza & not fancy wine but the point it, these shoes cover all that up. Unless you’re standing within a five meter radius of me. But I digress. None of that matters when you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes from Zensu that can dress everything up from destroyed boyfriend jeans to pizza hangover hair.*

Head over & check out the sophisticated range at Zensu, you’ll find a pair you loaf for sure. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

*Pizza hair: the phenomenon of waking up & finding pizza has mysteriously materialised in your hair.