Gifting Made Easy With Custom Gift Boxes

posted on: Thursday, May 12, 2016

If you’ve ever been stuck on buying someone a gift, or are just downright lazy, here’s your answer: custom gift boxes from BoxBetty.

BoxBetty review.

For the lazy giver of gifts..


Or the creative one..

This is the future.


Spirit & Opportunity rolling around on Mars, Uber drivers that give you chocolate & bowls of candy, USB points on planes, heck, there is even wifi on planes now, hover boards, being able to pay for things despite losing your wallets & all the rest of your personal effects during a rough night out with tequila.


These are the things I’ve been waiting for, for what feels like my entire existence & they’re not even the best of it.


What’s better than Uber candy, you say? I’ll tell you. Being able to give personal & thoughtful gifts without any of the personal or thoughtful – Unless you want them to be!


Amongst the loads of things I imagined in the future, strangely, delivered gift boxes were never one of them.


& I have no idea why because BoxBetty makes buying gifts so. damn. easy. The you-don’t-even-need-to-see-the-person-you’re-giving-it-to kind of easy. Pick a box & send it on its way to one very happy & very lucky receiver. I wouldn’t even judge you if you decided to head over to BoxBetty right now & send one to yourself.

Pre-made gift boxes for special occasions.


Dear me (aka coolest person in the world),


just a little something because, well.. There’s no reason, I just wanted a box of cool stuff.


Yours truly


Custom gifts for special occasions.

BoxBetty review.
Custom gifts or pre-made gift boxes.
Gift boxes with a special touch.

But don’t worry. If you like putting together gifts, there’s even an option for custom gift boxes & there is a lot of cool stuff to choose from. I’m pretty sure there’s enough things to choose from to create one for every occasion that you’d want to gift a box to someone for.


Baby showers, housewarmings, engagements, even breakups? But there are already pre-designed gift boxes for that.


The one I received is the Pamper Box & I honestly loved every single item in there. Even the shredded paper. But that’s probably because I’m about ten years old.

BoxBetty offers custom gift boxes & pre-made gift boxes for special occasions.

Custom gifts delivered.
Bahen & Co chocolate in a custom gift box.
Have gifts delivered with BoxBetty custom gifts boxes.

Handmade by THREE triple milled candle in lychee & peony.

If you ever get stuck on finding the perfect gift for someone, give BoxBetty a go & give them not just one, but a whole range of stuff in a custom gift box. If you’re anything like me & would rather not interact with other humans, you can be thoughtful without being too thoughtful.

I can’t be the only one who gets stuck on buying people gifts for special occasions?
All cynicism aside though, I really did enjoy my BoxBetty experience & completely recommend them as the perfect gift box for any occasion.

Don’t pretend you’re not intrigued. I won’t tell anyone. Even if the occasion is “I’m simply cool & deserve a BoxBetty”.

BoxBetty review.