UNiDAYS Of Our Lives

posted on: Friday, April 22, 2016

My UNiDAYS, helping one broke-ass student at a time.

Ryder the label Australia flora.

This post is in Collaboration with UNiDAYS however, I have actually been using UNiDAYS for the past few years and all thoughts and opinions remain my own.
Images via their respective online store websites.

Mura Boutique chunky white knit jumper.
Khaki knit skirt.
Turtle neck knit black body con dress.

Fuelled by ramen…



Not just the name of the Panic! At The Disco Youtube channel but also a very distinct lifestyle led by thousands of youth worldwide.


University youth in particular. Those surviving off of a diet of ramen and cheap wine, spending late nights in front of a computer that turn into early mornings and many a missed tutorial. You guys know how unfair it is to be basically punished for studying. Food or new threads? Hard choice? Not really, I’m sure we’d all choose the food right?


But we don’t have to choose between the two anymore because someone heard our tears falling into our $2 instant noodle cups and muffled screams into our $300 text books (here’s a tip, run while you can) and brought to us UNiDAYS.

Ryder the label 2016 collection.


Polar Sweater

Maybe Someday Dress

Camille Skirt




Baby pink & powder blue winter clothing.










1. Topshop Eyelet Tie-Side crop

2. Boohoo Lois Roll Neck Rib jumper

3. Boohoo Tessa Satin MA1 bomber jacket

4. Boohoo Isabella Turn Up Cuff duster coat

5. Boohoo Ellie Camo MA1 bomber jacket

6.Boohoo Olivia soft Knit jumper

7. Topshop Pink Camo AM1 bomber jacket

8. Topshop Boxy Turn Back Cuff knit

9. Boohoo Maria Fisherman Knit jumper dress

Free to sign up with and free to use, UNiDAYS gives students discounts on their favourite stores.


Don’t worry, ASOS, Boohoo, Missguided and The Iconic are all there.


Plus online stores you probably didn’t even know that offered discounts…


Fancy a designer bag from Shopbop? Or jazzing up your humble abode (if you can call a share house that..) with some cool things from Modcloth?





Perforated Ankle Boots

Flora Dress

Monty Blouse

Reef print notebook.
Scientific chemistry glass.
Pastel hearts round beach towel.


(click images for details)

Purple clothing picks.
Purple clothing picks.


Ivy Open Cardigan

Exactly What You Think Tee

High Neck Top

Paisley Peasant Dress

Midsummer Night Snack Pullover

Mura Boutique white bralette.
Criss cross denim skirt.
Cosy white knit jumper.


Capulete bra

Gerri skirt

Roselle sweater

Besides a job at the end of it all (at this point I’m not even sure that’s worth making a point of?), the discounts are possibly the only perk of student life in Australia… Why not take advantage of them.

You can also check out their mobile app because who has time to shop on a computer these days?

Start print clothing picks.


And you will be with the storm you’ll be shopping up once you realise how many stores offer discounts for students.


All you have to do is sign up for free. No spammy emails (or ham, sorry)  included.

I guess the retail gods were listening after all.


Star Crossed Lovers playsuit

Moon Dot Expand sweater

Ziggy Stardust playsuit

Supernova bomber jacket

Universe Conspires knit

If you’re a current Australian student, you can sign up to UNiDAYS are start receiving discounts on your favourite stores, online and in store.