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posted on: Monday, April 11, 2016

Nature’s natural teeth whitener – Minty Coco.


Minty Coco oil pulling review.
Whiten your teeth naturally.

As the ever-cynical and always skeptical law student (just kidding, they’re not all grumpy like me), I’m usually really uninterested in these types of things. However, coconut is one of my favourite things ever (and I mean ever, not just in the food category) so how could I ever question the power of the mighty coconut? It’s never let me down in the past. It provides a drink, food, a bowl, a blood replacement (if you know, you’re ever short on that stuff), a great scent and that’s only the seed itself. I haven’t even started on the tree but I feel like we’ve had the great coconut conversation somewhere else on this blog already. The latest thing I’ve noticed it offers is the oil. Great for cooking but for whitening teeth? Apparently so. I’ll give anything a go once. Well, most things.


And if it includes gargling mint flavoured coconut oil, then I’m up for it.

gargling grease for whiter teeth

Get whiter teeth with natural products.

Minty Coco, natural breath freshener.

 Honestly, I didn’t really expect much of this. If anything, I thought it would make my teeth dirtier – and they’re already quite horrible. How would pulling oil back & forth through your mouth make them whiter?


But lo and behold – oil pulling works. That’s right. Swishing around the stuff you would normally reserve for deep frying* or applying to your face can make your teeth whiter. How? No idea but from what I understand, little microscopic people live in the oil and they rush around and collect all of the gunk in your mouth and scrub the stains off of your teeth. Maybe not exactly like that but I’m sure the coconut oil does suck in and collect all that crap that’s in your mouth.


So essentially, after about a minute of gargling, you’re basically swishing a mouthful of germs and gross stuff around your mouth. Which makes it a little harder to do for ten minutes straight.


Don’t worry though, you’ll get used to it after a couple of days and the mint flavour definitely makes it more bearable.


I wasn’t even consistent with using my box either, some days I’d forget or was just too lazy to watch a tv show with oil in my mouth (hard life, right?) so imagine how sparkly they’d be if I actually used it every day?


*Don’t worry, I don’t deep fry stuff in coconut oil.


So, how to do it?


Minty Coco comes in little sachets so you don’t need to measure out the oil. It also says to warm it in your hands before to get the oil to soften up, but it comes from the UK and I live in Australia so the oil was pretty much already melted. Then you just put on your favourite show and swish it moderately hard around your mouth, like you pulling it in a sucking motion between your teeth. After that spit it in the bin – you don’t want to do all that work, only to swallow all that nasty shit back into your body and don’t spit it in the sink, unless unclogging sinks is a favourite pastime.


Any downsides? I noticed it really hurt my jaw but that’s probably because I would swish it really hard – it doesn’t say to do that so you probably shouldn’t.


I did a bit of research on oil pulling and a lot of (possibly crazy) people claim it to completely clear their sinuses, fix their bad joints, obligate their acne, make their hair more shiny, give them superpowers, ect… Did it magically heal me? No. Maybe it made my breath a little fresher and my teeth whiter, but no claim to superpowers yet.


Want to try it, I’d definitely recommend it if you don’t have a weak stomach. Just take a look at my before and after below, remembering that this wasn’t even consistent use.

Sorry for the crappy quality of the second photo (& the horrible “smile”) but I think you can still see a significant difference in how much whiter my teeth have gotten after a course of Minty Coco.
These photos have not been edited or enhanced.
If you’d like to get whiter teeth naturally, head over to Minty Coco to try out oil pulling for yourself. If you do, let me know how it goes!

How to whiten your teeth naturally & safely.

This post is in collaboration with Minty Coco however, as always, all opinions are honest and my own. The before & after photos have not been edited.