Jumpsuit To Conclusions

posted on: Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I don’t even think there’s a conclusion to this post.. Just a cool black jumpsuit.

Monochrome Perth street style.

Wearing: Closet Wise,* Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag, Boohoo heels*

Closet Wise jumpsuit one piece outfit.

How to wear a jumpsuit.
Minimalist chic outfit.

Minimalist fashion blogger outfit.

Black jumpsuit one piece with heels.
Black flared pants with heels.

Corporate outfit wearing a black jumpsuit with flared pants.

All black jumpsuit outfit.

Closet Wise clothing review.
Perth fashion blog.

Perth life & style blogger.

You know when you buy a bag of Starburst Chews & you open the bag and it’s basically all orange and lemon and nothing like you wanted? Well this is kinda like me in this outfit. Only, I would be the seller of the Starbursts. Is that clear? Probably not. Let me say this bluntly, I am nowhere near as tall as I look in these photos as I am in real life. That probably doesn’t make any more sense so let me try again: THIS JUMPSUIT IS FREAKIN’ AMAZING. I’m the height of what my brother refers to as Oompaloopa size. Maybe not as short as them but certainly nowhere near as the grand height this Closet Wise piece makes me appear. I almost can’t believe how elongated I look in this piece. I think I might just start buying black jumpsuits in different styles now. I’ve gotten over the whole toilet issue which has been replaced with comfort and feelings of superiority that doesn’t usually come with the height 5”4. Am I being over dramatic? Judging by all the rhetorical questions in this post, most likely. Does it even matter?

Of course it does.

P.S. I still don’t know what the hell this post is about. Try and focus on the awesome jumpsuit.

Photos by William Valle-Pezzanelli.