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posted on: Monday, April 4, 2016

There’s nothing wrong with a little help if it’s a natural option developed by the neuroscientists at truBrain.

Improve your focus & concentration with truBrian.

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Nootropic drink to improve focus. How to improve your grades.

truBrain review.

(re)Designing Focus

Most days it can be hard enough to leave your bed when there’s no one to coax you out with the smell of sizzling bacon and eggs, let alone when you have to get up and face a tonne of assignments.


Finding focus these days is almost (but not quite) as hard as finding the match to that lonely sock that has been sitting in your washing basket for the past 6 months because you really need focus to be able to find those solitary items in the first place.


So imagine having to write an assignment on a question you can’t even understand because you’re too busy thinking about that bacon & those poor socks. Being distracted by things like this is a everyday (more like hourly) occurrence in my life and don’t get me started on assignment questions. I can read the same sentence over and over again without taking in anything I just read. It’s a miracle I’ve made it this far through life. My brother likes to remind me that you need an attention span to be able to have a short one.


Maybe that’s not really an excuse for anything but at least we know that there’s help out there from neuroscientists in the form of nootropic drinks.

Kawaii pens from South Korea.

How to improve your focus.

Kawaii stationary from South Korean & Thailand.


Nootropics (new` tro` picks) – a category of nutrients that improve cognitive function.

truBrain combines a range of nootropics to bring you a superpower product to improve your focus so you can get shit done.


I wasn’t sure it was working but after a few days of shooting a truBrain drink in the morning I was getting study more done in twenty minutes than I was in whole days. I know that sounds terribly lazy, but with law assignments piling up, you sorta lose motivation around this time in the semester. Or am I just incredibly lazy and stupid?


How did they taste though? Honestly, they taste really medicinal on first account but they leave a pleasant after taste of super concentrated icy poles or cordial. If that makes any sense. Which is weird, because it’s usually nice tasting things that leave a bad after taste. But here I am digressing again.






Here’s what the truBrain drinks contain for flavour:




Monk Fruit


Nopal Cactus

Natural Cane Sugar

Blue Agave

How to improve your grades with nootropics.

The truBrain drinks come in a box of eco-friendly individual packs which is the my favourite thing about the company because looking after the environment comes first.

You can either shot them like I do or mix them in with other drinks, I’d say juices would be the best way to go.. But if you like to throw up, feel free to mix them in with a nice, creamy beverage.


If you’re not a fan of these types of drinks though you could always go for the brüd, a performance coffee enhancer which comes in sticks of liquid with a bag of coffee beans. It’s supposed to taste neutral so it won’t alter the taste of you favourite drink.


Or if you like to get things over and done quickly, there’s always the capsules that come in packets for morning afternoon & evening. I really feel like I could use a lifetime supply of any of these.


It was summer when I reviewed the drinks and since I live in Australia, I didn’t think I’d be able to down a hot mug of coffee every single morning. Being able to mix the drinks in with another cold drink is a refreshing way to boost your brain during the summer but I think the coffee would be the way to go for winter.

Energy & focus drinks designed by neuroscientists.
Nootropic drinks to improve focus & concentration.

truBrain nutritional information.

truBrain nutritional information.

What’s in truBrain.
Kawaii stationary from South Korean & Thailand.

So, would I drink this stuff again even though it tastes like medicine on initial taste-bud contact?


The taste isn’t that bad and it’s helping me get my assignments done so I think the answer is pretty obvious. I mean, I’ve actually been studying which is probably nothing to the normal person, but for me, this is huge.


If you’ve got a heavy work load and need that extra kick or want a healthier option to the living-off-of-redbulls lifestyle then I highly recommend truBrain.


But if you’re sleeping in bed all day, then maybe it’s not for you. Or maybe it is? Try it and see!


truBrain focus drink.