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posted on: Monday, March 14, 2016

Liquid lipsticks, skin smoothers and the only contouring product you’ll ever need – Klara Cosmetics has it all.

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips.

With bonus brush
Matte Liquid Lipstick
#03 Passion Pink
Matte Liquid Lipstick
#15 Totally Nude

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The best contouring product ever. The best cream contour makeup.
Matte creamy contouring product.

My attempts at contouring in the past have been scary to say the least.


I wouldn’t be lying if I said I thought it was easy and just a matter of drawing lines and stripes all over my face. No, you have to have a strategy.

You also have to have a good product. Who hasn’t jumped onto the contouring wagon in the past couple of years and bought a bunch of powdery, ashy type contouring products?


However, after discovering this little guy (on the left), it’s no longer true that you need a strategy (well not as much as before) if you have a good product. The highly pigmented and super dark brown and blinding white of the Klara Cosmetics Sculpt Me Skinny Contour Stick scared me at first, but it turns out that these are all you need to create the perfect contour and also, ruin a perfectly good white, silk top – but that’s probably the fault of my ability to hold even a pen properly.


This creamy formula literally melts into your skin (in a good way) & blends effortlessly.

And when I say effortlessly, I mean I would have about 90% confidence in letting my boyfriend do my contour for me without him stuffing it up. It’s that good. The other 10% disappears with his handwriting.


It’s probably impossible to stuff your contour up with this product unless you covered your face in it. The trick it to start with a little to get an idea of it then build it up because it really does just blend out flawlessly.


Just don’t colour in the middle third of your face, underneath your eyes in white. A little goes a long way.

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Sculpt Me Skinny contour stick*& Sculpt Me brush* available as a set

Cream contour product from Klara Cosmetics.

Paint the contour stick on however the hell you want to. You can’t stuff it up..

Easy contouring tutorial.
The easier contouring product ever.
How to contour easily.
How to cream contour your face.

After using the Zero Pores primer and foundation, use a brush or draw straight onto your face with the Sculpt Me Skinny Contour Stick to chisel away at your face.

Simple cream contouring tutorial.


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2 minute contouring. Seriously




Zero pores primer. The best primers for smoothing out pores.

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Apply the Zero Pores primer as a base for baby bum smooth skin

Klara Cosmetics Reset Gel. Microdermabrasion in a bottle.

Looking for the most bizarre, on-the-shelf beauty product? This could be it.


Reset is supposed to reset your skin by giving you a touch activated (futuristic much) deep clean sans the rinse.

If you’re looking to even out your skin tone and correct blemishes (who isn’t??) this could be the product for you.

It also claims to unblock and tighten pores, diminish fine lines and hydrate and plump your skin.


It’s basically a microdermabrasion in a bottle. As someone who doesn’t even exfoliate, this scared the crap out of my behind. Would it hurt? Would it make my skin bleed? Would I crap myself again??


Relax, it feels like nothing. For the most part. Then as you keep massaging it into your skin, the gel turns into little beads and it’s just so strange. But I like it.


I’m not sure what they are but I like to think it’s collecting the dirt and rolling it up into little balls I can wipe off of my face. Don’t take my word for it though.


Would I use it again? I would and not just for the novelty factor of tiny magical beads appearing on my face. I haven’t broken out and my face does feel cleaner afterwards. Besides, if you’re lazy, you don’t even need to bother washing your face after the mini facial.



Zero Pores primer. The best primer for covering pores & smoothing out skin.
Highly pigmented dark brown matte cream contouring stick.
Matte contouring stick. White matte cream contour.



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The best cream contour brush.

Gel liner pencil sharpener from Klara Cosmetics.

ABOVE: the Gel Glide On eyeliner can be used to create a smudged effect with the sponge at the opposite end of the pen – OR – you can pull out the sponge to reveal a sharpener to create those sharp winged liner looks

Klara Cosmetics gel liner pencil.

Sculpt Me Skinny contour stick.

Easy apply liquid lipsticks - Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips.

These have to be the most perfect matte liquid lipsticks ever.


Usually matte lipsticks make my lips look chapped and it settles into the lines. Ok, fine… any lipstick does that to me.


But this one is so damn easy to apply and so damn hard to take off. I guess that’s why they’re called Kiss Proof Lips, so why not ask your SO get one for you because I mean, it’s really for their benefit since it won’t come off on them when you’re getting lippy. Right?..


They’re packaged like lip glosses and go on your lips just as easily as lip glosses but the end result is perfectly matte lips that won’t wipe off onto your clothes when you wipe your mouth on top after your eggs benedict brunch.

Matte liquid lipstick from Klara Cosmetics.


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Matte Kiss Proof Lips in #03 Passion Pink & #15 Totally Nude

Klara Cosmetics matte liquid lipsticks.