How To: Shop For Your Body Type

posted on: Sunday, February 21, 2016

The next best thing to a personal shopper to help you shop for your body type. online clothing store.

Wearing: Nicest Thing dress* via Sizeable, Seed Heritage leather mules, Dylan Rodriguez bag

How to dress for your body shape.

Sizeable online boutique Australia. Shopping for your body type.
Shopping for your body type, how to shop for your shape.
Dylan Kain Rodriguez bag & ThePeachBox bangle.

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Dylan Rodriguez bag, ThePeachBox bangle*

Perth fashion blogger wearing Keepsake the Label Nicest Thing dress.
Perth life & style blogger Shannon Valle.

Sizeable boutique - shopping for your size.

Australian fashion blogger.

ABOVE: Just summoning my telekineses powers to make cheesecake appear in front of me

The Nicest Thing dress by Keepsake the Label.
Seed Heritage leather & wooden mules.

Seed Heritage wooden heel leather mules. 
Maybe I should rename this blog to something like “a guide to becoming successfully lazy” or “how to find the easiest way to doing anything” because I feel like that’s what most of my blog life revolves around. This time I bring to you “how to find perfectly fitting clothes that looks awesome with minimal effort” because that’s exactly what the Sizeable boutique does. Click on your body type and away you go. Clothing for all the bodies. More importantly, they’re all fashionable pieces. If you’re into the minimalist movement that’s still hanging around, I suggest you go check out what they have to offer and report back to me. With coconut milk and cookies.

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