Nude By Nature (& Sometimes By Choice)

posted on: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Taking a closer look at the new Nude by Nature Professional Brushes Collection.

Nude By Nature Essential Collection makeup brush set.

Nude By Nature Essential Collection Professional Brush Set,* Pressed Mineral Cover* and Mineral Bronzer*

The days of me being able to throw anything on my face from cheap drugstore makeup to dirt and mud from our backyard are long gone. Now I have to take much more care when it comes to applying stuff to my face. With meticulous skincare routine which seems to shrink my bank account just as fast as it expands, I’ve become a lot more conscious of what touches my skin.


And it’s not just me. Maybe it’s something in the air or maybe it’s a hipster thing, but a lot more people are taking more care in what goes into their beauty products. No animal products, nothing with silicon, absolutely nothing that hasn’t been made in an area which doesn’t provide the same temperate similar to that of baking perfect macarons. Well, maybe not that scrupulous but we’re really interested into what goes into the stuff that goes onto our face.


I first came across Nude by Nature a few years ago. Through my mum. She was drawn to them by their price point, I was drawn to them by their packaging. Not the best foundation (pun not intended) for a relationship but it miraculously ended up working out. 

Nude By Nature makeup review.
Nude By Nature faux leather makeup brushes bag.

Nude by Nature is an Australian brand so it makes sense that it’s packed with natural ingredients that are native to Australia. Absolutely none of that crap that makes my skin flare up like my mom when the washing machine is beeping and I haven’t hung anything up.


This means no sulphates, PEGs, triclosans, phenoxyethanol, talc, bismuth, parabens or silicons. In short, it doesn’t contain anything I can’t pronounce or that I’ve never heard of.


Bonus: it’s animal cruelty free!

Nude By Nature makeup brushes & bronzer.
Nude By Nature Essential Collection brush set.

My newest addition to the Nude by Nature collection is their professional Brushes. If your a beauty novice like myself, these are probably the only brushes you’ll ever need. They come in a really nice faux-leather pouch. Perfect for travelling or hiding snacks in.


These brushes are incredibly velvety. Soft, to the point that I just kept brushing them over my face and hands when I first opened them up. While they would make perfect brushes for the pro, they would also suit the complete noob like myself. While I think all the different types of brushes are the same and have in the past tried applying a full face of powder with an “eyeshadow blending brush”, these brushes have discreet labels on each of them so you know which brush to use own which part of your face. No idea what you’re doing, quickly glance at the labels and fake it ’til you make it.

In this photo:


Nude by Nature Essential Collection Professional Brush Set

Professional affordable makeup brushes by Australian brand Nude By Nature.
Affordable pro makeup brushes.
Black faux leather makeup bag with rose gold zip.

In this photo:


The perfect, unsuspecting place to hide all your food and to put all your Nude by Nature makeup brushes

Nude By Nature makeup brushes set.

Nude By Nature powder brush from the Professional Brush Set.
Nude By Nature powder brush.


Nude By Nature makeup brushes review.

Nude by nature review.