Irresistible Who? Irresistible Me

posted on: Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Irresistible Me. No, you! Who?

Irresistible Me packaging.

My last experience with hair extensions was interesting to say the least. After asking for a trim off my waist length hair and coming out of the hair dressers with a “trim” well above my shoulders, I was too distraught at the age of 12 to tell the hairdresser her cutting skills sucked and I would rather have eaten a bag of snakes than keep the hairstyle she gave me. All I needed was for my younger brother to tell me I looked “weird” with short hair for me to burst into tears in the shopping centre when my mom said I could get extensions on our trip to Thailand next week to shut my embarrassing howling up. Seemed fine to me.


Well, you know when your boyfriend tells your you’re going out for dinner but he really means going out to the drive through at Macca’s? Well that’s how I think of my experience with hair extensions. They were nothing like I expected. They weren’t the most terrible thing ever but finding random chunks of hair following you everywhere you went and looking like Chewbacca moulting? That was enough.


Which is why I’m surprised I even decided to give Irresistible Me a go. But, I was even more surprised to find out how much I like them.

Perfect for the afraid-of-commitment-to-anything-girl like myself.

Irresistible Me hair extensions review.

Just clip in & go!

Irresistible Me Silky Touch hair extensions 22 inches 200 grams.

Even someone as hair-styling challenged as me is able to clip these in.


Though, I did have to ask my boyfriend how the clips worked..


(They’re just normal clips… Shhhh..)





I chose the Silky Touch in Chocolate Brown in 22 inches, 200 grams since my hair is already pretty long. The Silky Touch is their best selling line of extensions and are 100% real human hair. This actually freaked me out at first and if you’re Asian you’ll know why.


Hair phobias aside, the colour matched my hair pretty much perfectly which I found surprising.

Hair extensions 200 grams 22 inches.
Before & after Irresistible me hair extensions.
Irresistible Me Silky Touch hair extensions 22 inches 200 grams.



Perfect for the gamophobic

Not sure whether you want avo and eggs on toast or the bircher muesli? Can’t decide which friend to hang out with on the weekend? These extensions are for you. In this day and age, are we really committed to anything? Why have to be committed to wax chunks throughout your hair when you can just buy clip-in extensions? Seems like pretty straight forward to me.


Even if you’ve already ordered the Irresistible Me extensions and you’re on the fence about the colour or length, just hit them up for an exchange. As long as you haven’t used any of the extensions. No biggie.


There’s also ten pieces so you’re not even limited to hair styles. It’s been 40 degrees celsius here lately so I’ve only got 3 pieces in, in the above photos. Imagine how good I’d look if I had put all 10 in!? Ok, I’m dreaming…

Affordable hair extensions.
Irresistible Me packaging.
Irresistible Me extensions review.
Irresistible Me extensions review.

Affordable quality hair extensions.

Irresistible Me packaging.
Irresistible Me packaging.
Irresistible Me hair extensions.

This editorial is in collaboration with Irresistible Me, all opinions remain honest and my own.