Absolut Botanik Berry Pear

posted on: Thursday, January 14, 2016

Celebrating that school hasn’t gone back yet with Absolut Botanik berry pear.

Confetti Pop & Absolut Botanik berry pear review.

“The regal deer seeks out tart, jewel-coloured lingon in the forest”

Cinnamon sticks in Absolut Botanik drink.

Single-source Swedish vodka is layered with lingonberry, pear and rhubarb to create a fresh, lightly sparkling drink.

If you follow me on any of my social media channels, it would be clear that much like how cheese nights has become a staple in my life, Absolut Botanik has become of of my go-to drinks. It’s flavourful, doesn’t have the sickeningly strong cheap vodka taste a lot of other pre-mixes do and it easy to find.

With a slightly cloudy taste lent by the pear, it makes the perfect drink for those warm summer nights by the water or for you know, laying in bed with a box (or four) of pizza.

How to have it: try it with a cheese and fruit platter instead of the usual wine.

You’ll love it if: you enjoy cloudy sodas and simple but sophisticated drinks.

When to drink it: When you have a spare five minutes to wind down and relax. Would be a great beverage for an outdoor picnic.

Great with: mellow and creamy cheeses like triple brie or a deli sandwich. Sounds strange, but it works.

Confetti Pop, push pop confetti.
Confetti Pop & Absolut Botanik berry pear review.

Australian life style blogger. Absolut vodka editorial.

Life style editorial blogger post.
Yarloop fire in Western Australia 2015.

Lingonberry, pear & rhubarb come together for a slightly cloudy, yet sophisticated drink


Absolut Botanik berry pear review.
Life style editorial blogger post.
Fluffy cloud in blue sky.

Absolut Botanik berry pear review.

2015 Waroona bush fire in Western Australia.
Perth life & style blogger for Absolut Botanik.

This editorial is in collaboration with Absolut Australia – #lovefromabsolut
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