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posted on: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, are a festive-crazed mad-man or would rather skip the last couple of months of each year, the holiday season is always a great excuse to add more pieces to your wardrobe.

It can be hard to find that perfect piece for those opulent occasions which seem to bunch up together at the each of the year, but Splash makes it a lot easier to find something that matches your style and something to turn heads because really, no one wants to bump into their ex at some social gathering wearing a potato sack (does sound comfortable though) and your worn-out Nikes that look more ancient than the dinosaurs themselves.

And with their huge range of Alexis there’s no chance you won’t be 100% outfit ready for stuffing yourself with smoked turkey and bbq’d shrimp while looking amazing at the same time.

This is an editorial post in collaboration with Splash. All opinions are my own.

Alexis clothing Bella dress. Red lace dress.
Red maxi dresses.
Chloe Drew bag dupes.





Joy Drew $29.00USD

Semicircle Buckle Bag $28.06USD

Drew Bag $2053.88USD

Red & black lace top.
Red dress accessories.
Lace trim editorial.

In this photo:


Alexis Bella dress

Adriana Bandage gown

Reddy When You Are

Nothing says “festive season is here” quite like the smell of the murdered gingerbread men whom you forgot about and left in the oven for two hours instead of the stipulated 15 minutes or… in a more fashionable action: a hit of show-stopping red.


Turn heads in a scarlet coloured floor length gown or a dainty, cherry-red lace dress.


Don’t forget to accessorise right and you’ll steal the spotlight right from the Christmas tree and your mother’s honey-glazed ham.

Hold that Christmas pudding in under that dress with Skinny Bitches Super Shaper shorts

All-red not for you? Add a subtle hint of the fierce shade with a dash of fiery lipstick like the YSL Rogue Volute Shine Lip Colour in “Rock”

In this photo:


Alexis Piero crop top

This ASOS Rectangle Stone ring is an easy way to add a low-key statement

Pierre Hermé macarons make the perfect gift for a dear one, or for yourself…

Don’t forget that a fancy dress requires fancy feet. Add some kick with these Tamali leather & mesh boots

Lace trim editorial.
Festive season lace dresses from Alexis.

Alexis Joelle gown

Lace dresses on a budget.
Glam accessories for the holiday season.
Lace dress in pink blossom & white.
Oscar De La Renta embellishments.


Lady in Lace

Not into eye-popping colour?


Whether it’s a delicate dress or you’re more into a gothic get-up, there’s a lace piece out there for every season and every one.


Match your accessories to the intertwined fabric and you’ll be good to go for this festive season.

Sage dress in blossom and white 







Oscar De La Renta embellishments.
Modern cut romper from Alexis, available at Shop Splash.


City style outfits.
Silver fringing modern white mini dress.
City style accessories.
J Crew zebra print tassel heels dupe.

Embellished accessories like this Oscar De La Renta Saya clutch are an easy way to add some chic glam to a simple outfit with modern cuts

These Dita Magnifique sunglasses are perfect for that old-school glamorous movie-star vibe

Keep warm in the northern hemisphere this festive season with an ASOS patchwork fashion faux-fur scarf

Style doesn’t stop at visual aesthetics. Spritz on some Dior Miss Dior eau de parfum for a sophisticated scent that emanates refined, feminine taste


Kia Romper in back and white 

City Chic

Embody the modern city girl in modern lines, power pieces and luxe accessories.


Nothing says I mean business (and give me all the Baileys drenched Christmas desserts) like simple pieces with strong silhouettes and lavish accents.


Add some feminine charm à la Gossip Girl style, with textured items in fabrics like tartan and with distressed fringing in lighter shades.

Modern cut outfits.



Alexis minimalist dress. Fashion editorial.


ThePeachBox rose gold jewellery on a budget.

Alexis Zlata dress


Alexis Jude top

Alexis Albina skirt

In this photo:


Alexis Stanis dress

Alexis Thierry dress

J Crew Zebra-print leather pumps $570.81UDSD

River Island Zebra-print tassel shoes $136.99USD